When Does Squirrel Season Open in Arkansas?when does squirrel season open in arkansas

If you’re an avid hunter, you want to know when squirrel season opens in Arkansas. This article will tell you when the squirrels will be most active and visible. After turkey season is over, you can start hunting for squirrels. In Arkansas, squirrels will not be visible until May 15, so you can’t expect to see many of them until that day. You can also hunt squirrels in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The last time squirrel hunting was allowed in Arkansas was in 2016.


If you’re looking for the best time to go out squirrel hunting in Arkansas, then early fall is the time to head out. The squirrels are most active early in the morning during the fall and winter, when temperatures are cooler. You’ll be glad you came early because you’ll be able to avoid the humid midday temperatures that turn heavily forested areas into saunas by midday. Also, keep an eye out for squirrels hiding in the treetops.

Early fall is prime time for hunting squirrels, when they begin to stockpile food for the winter. You can use shotguns of any caliber, and you can take squirrels with dogs or rifles of any caliber. Remember to hunt during the midday hours, as this is when the squirrels are most active. You can get a lot of shots into the squirrels’ nervous system. However, you should make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing, as squirrels tend to stay indoors during the colder winter months.


The question of when does squirrel season open in Arkansas is not hard to answer. While most hunters will wait for cooler weather, there is a small segment who will enjoy a spring outing before the weather heats up. While the spring weather can be pleasant, temperatures in September are often 90 degrees or higher. Whether you decide to hunt in the spring or wait until autumn, there are a few things you can do to get ready for the season.

For example, if the acorn crop from the previous fall was abundant, the population of squirrels is expected to increase. However, if the last fall’s abundance of hard mast was not sufficient, the overall number of squirrels may decline, resulting in reduced production for hunters. But if there are plenty of huckleberries and acorns to go around, the springtime should bring a lot of young bushytails prowling the woods.


When does squirrel hunting season open in Arkansas? While it is not terribly difficult to figure out, there are certain key differences between the seasons. During the fall and winter months, squirrels are most active during the morning. This makes for a more comfortable day of hunting, especially if you’re going in the woods during those times. By midday, however, temperatures can be as high as 90 degrees.

Squirrels are abundant and easily hunted. During spring, the best time to go out squirrel hunting is mid-May through mid-June. In general, the elk range is over 315,000 acres, and the Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area borders National Park Service property along the Buffalo River. The hunter can use a small rimfire rifle, a.410 rifle, or a shotgun ranging from a 12-gauge duck gun.

Early season

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of early squirrel season in Arkansas. In most areas, squirrels are plentiful. However, if you’re unable to find these creatures before their prime time, you’ll have to wait until later in the season. That way, you’ll have more time to hunt and catch more. There are several ways to attract these rodents to your property.

Public land is a great place to hunt squirrels. The state has ample public lands, including Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. While you’ll have to obtain a hunting permit to hunt in these areas, the squirrel population is abundant. This area is largely wooded and populated with squirrels, making it an excellent choice for squirrel hunting. However, there are some guidelines that must be followed to ensure a successful squirrel hunt.

Limited bag limit

With the state’s deer herd continuing to grow, the interest in hunting small game such as squirrels has decreased. But fortunately, Arkansas’s limited bag limit for squirrels is still well within reach of many hunters. One of the best places to hunt for squirrels is in Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area, the largest state park in Arkansas. This 2,000-acre, mostly wooded area is also a great place to spot squirrels because there are no leaves to distract them.

The state’s limited bag limit for squirrels is 14 per day, but hunters can take up to seven per day. Despite the strict limit, Fowler says he regularly catches dozens of squirrels a year with his two rat terriers, Peanut and Bo. But he’s not giving up. He and his two hunting dogs are not the only ones with limited bag limits.

Private land

The AGFC will accept applications for private field hunts starting Aug. 18 and will draw permits for these weekends. Private field hunts are open only to landowners, and they are not allowed to use rifles or muzzleloaders larger than a.22 caliber. They cannot be hunted with slugs, T shot, or rifled slugs. Those with a gun may only hunt squirrels with shotguns that shoot a.22 caliber rimfire.

When does squirrel season in Arkansas on private land? The open season for hunting in Arkansas differs by species and season, and hunting with dogs is prohibited in most of them. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission sets these regulations and ensures the safety of hunters and wildlife. For more information, check out the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s website. There are plenty of opportunities for squirrel hunting on private land, and they are within the reach of most hunters.

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