Where Can I Buy The A18 Squirrel Trap?

The A18 squirrel trap is one of the most popular types of rat and mouse traps on the market. It works by recreating a gas-powered animal suffocation chamber, allowing you to capture a dead animal without harming it. Unlike other rat and mouse traps, the A18 can still be used after 18 dead animals have been trapped inside. Ideally, you should check the A18 squirrel trap every week or biweekly, to ensure that it is still working properly.


The A18 Humane Squirrel Trap

The A18 squirrel trap is co2 powered and is designed for a variety of environments, including gardens and backyards. The A18 is very easy to install and features an automatic reset feature that can kill up to 18 animals per co2 canister. The trap comes with a tree mount, a lure pouch, a bait basket, and a success guide. There are also a variety of other accessories that you can use with the trap, including a detachable lure, a bait basket, and a bait-dispensing mechanism.

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There are many advantages to the A18 squirrel trap, such as its low maintenance requirements and self-clearing and self-resetting capabilities. Compared to other conventional traps, it requires very little maintenance. The Goodnature A18 requires just a gas cylinder and a lure. These two components are the only items that you need to replace. When you’re done setting up your new squirrel trap, you can simply set it up in the tree, and wait for your animal to fall into the pit.

The A18 squirrel trap is designed to be fastened prominently to a tree at head height. Its features are similar to those of the Kania squirrel trap, such as the ability to self-clearing and self-resetting. It als

o requires less maintenance than conventional traps. The A18 requires only a gas cylinder, a lure, and a bait. You can buy a gas cylinder, lure, and bait separately.

The A18 squirrel trap has a range of advantages. In addition to its multi-catch features, it is also durable and effective. The A18’s lure is long-lasting and is highly attractive to squirrels. It can be painted to camouflage your house and kill the squirrels in your yard. The A18 is also approved for sale in England and Scotland. It’s easy to use and is effective.

This squirrel trap uses a piston that retracts its rat or mouse as soon as it is dead. Once the dead animal has been trapped, the A18 uses a gas-powered reservoir to reset the mechanism. The A18 can kill a squirrel up to 18 times before a new cartridge is needed. Moreover, the A18 contains a lure that can last up to 18 months before it needs to be replaced.

The A18 squirrel trap is a great choice for people who have a problem with squirrels in their yard. It is an effective trap that uses a food lure. Aside from being effective and long-lasting, it is also rust-proof and can withstand all weather conditions. Its trigger is also sensitive, so the animal will not be able to escape the trap. So, if you have a pet squirrel in your yard, you should definitely consider getting this product.

This co2 powered A18 squirrel trap is perfect for residential and commercial use. It is easy to install and uses a gas cylinder. The cylinder can be replaced easily and the entire unit will reset up to eighteen times on a single co2 canister. In addition, the lure is long-lasting and will last for many years. The a18 squirrel trap is an excellent tool for anyone looking to control their backyard’s squirrel population.

Final Thoughts

Goodnature’s A18 squirrel trap is the co2 powered version of their popular A17 trap. It is easy to set and reset. The A18 has an automatic countdown that resets the trap every 18 times with a single co2 canister. The A18 also includes a tree mount and a 250g lure pouch. It also comes with a success guide. If you have a grey squirrel problem, you’ll have to invest in a Goodnature A18.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does A18 trap work?

The trap is powered by a CO2 cylinder, and it attracts the target species with a dedicated, long-life grey squirrel lure.

Will Goodnature A24 work on squirrels?

Results have shown that if it is deployed in three 80 × 80 m, it reduced the relative abundance ground squirrels on average by 84.8% over a period of nine days

How does the Goodnature trap work?

The trap is powered by compressed gas and uses long-lasting, pest-specific lures. When a pest brushes a sensitive leaf-trigger, a steel-core piston strikes its skull, killing it instantly.

Does Goodnature rat trap work?

Yes, it works and it has proven effective over the years.

Is the A24 trap powered by electricity?

No, it resets after every strike.

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