Where Can I Squirrel Hunt Near Me

Where Can I Squirrel Hunt Near Me?Where Can I Squirrel Hunt Near Me

If you’re thinking about going squirrel hunting, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to choose a location, what to do during the seasons, and how to use dogs and public lands to maximize your success. It also includes tips on safety. So, get out there and enjoy this rewarding sport! You’ll be glad you did! Happy hunting! Remember to take along plenty of snacks and water, and enjoy the great outdoors!

Locations for squirrel hunting

Several places in Alabama offer prime squirrel habitat, including large woodlots and ridge tops. Oaks and pines growing close together are ideal for squirrel hunting. Hunting these forests requires spotting squirrel gangs in secret locations. Hardwood trees near the water’s edge should bear acorns. If you’re a seasoned hunter, you might want to try a spot with several oaks.

Squirrels like clear, sunny weather. They also like to hide in the shadow of trees, so wait until it begins to drizzle to make your shooting easier. This is also a good time to find a secret spot where squirrels hide. Listed below are some locations for squirrel hunting near me. To find the perfect hunting spot, follow the instructions listed in this article. You’ll want to dress appropriately for the weather.


Squirrel hunting season in Georgia opens on August 15th, and in some states you can hunt these playful rodents until May 5th. In Newfoundland, hunting squirrels is allowed until February. Although squirrel hunting is often forbidden, some states have special regulations to protect the species from extinction. In addition to legal hunting seasons, different methods are allowed in different areas. In the UK, archery and pelleting guns are acceptable methods of hunting, while the US allows hunters to hit squirrels in the head.

When hunting squirrels, make sure you know when and where to go. Squirrels are active all day long, but their peak activity hours are early in the morning and late in the evening. However, some research has shown that they may feed even during bright moonlight. While the day may be long, you should avoid hunting during the morning. Light rain or drizzle can also be effective. Then, you can also go out hunting during heavy storms. Snowstorms can also help you spot squirrels, as they will likely search for any hidden nuts.


There are several different types of dogs that are ideal for squirrel hunting, including treeing curs, American treeing wolves, and fiests. All are highly intelligent, loyal, and adaptable, making them excellent companions. A treeing cur can be either male or female. If you’re interested in having a squirrel dog, the first step is to choose a breed that matches your hunting style. If you have small woodlots and want a feisty dog, a mountain cur may be a better fit. If you want a more compact dog, however, a fiest is more suitable. Other breeds include the Original mountain cur, Kemmer cur, and Stephens cur.

Although any dog can be trained to hunt squirrels, some breeds are favored over others. For example, mountain cur and fiest pups can be found for a few hundred dollars. Then, you can train your dog to sniff out the squirrels and hunt them down. A well-trained squirrel dog will find more squirrels and will help you get them in a safer and easier manner. There are several different types of dog breeds available for hunting; you can start with a puppy from the smallest to the biggest.

Public lands

Squirrel hunting on public lands is a great way to get started if you’ve never done it before. This type of hunting is possible almost anywhere, and many landowners will let you hunt without requiring an expensive lease. But before you set out, you need to know the rules. You need to know the rules of the public lands you’ll be visiting so you can ensure that you won’t run into any trouble while you’re there.

In southern Illinois, you can find plenty of good habitat for squirrels. Hunting is allowed on much of the territory owned by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, while other lands belong to the U.S. Forest Service and Fish & Wildlife Service. Before you leave, make sure to check the regulations for the area where you plan to hunt. You can also use aerial imagery to scout areas from your home. Look for areas that have a lot of hickory and oak trees. These trees will provide lots of squirrel food.

Equipment needed for squirrel hunting

If you’ve never gone squirrel hunting, you’re in for a treat. It doesn’t take much gear to harvest an entire bag of squirrels. Some old time hunters used a coin and a rifle to imitate feeding chatter. But today, you can buy commercially-available calls, or make your own using coins and a hunting call. Whatever you choose, don’t forget a sharp knife.

Squirrels are skittish animals, and they are sensitive to noise. To avoid scaring them, wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. A pair of camouflaged hunting boots may be useful, but isn’t essential. A small game vest may be useful. A camera, binoculars, and a hunting call can all help you catch a squirrel. In addition to these, a pair of binoculars will help you identify suspicious-looking bumps on limbs and sounds of squirrels making calls.

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