Where Can I Take An Injured Squirrel To?

Where Can I Take An Injured Squirrel To?

You should not attempt to transport a squirrel yourself, especially if it is an injured one. Their teeth and claws are extremely sharp, and they are capable of carrying many diseases. Use the strongest gloves possible when handling an animal. Lisette used heavy oven mitts and placed Petrie in a cardboard box with warm items underneath. Make sure that the lid has plenty of holes for air. Then, get your animal to a wildlife center.

Placing An Injured Squirrel

A squirrel should be taken to a wildlife rehabilitator if it has been bitten, suffocated, or injured in another way. If a small child accidentally catches a squirrel, contact a local animal control agency or police department. A licensed rehabilitator will be able to transport an injured animal to a veterinary clinic. A second baby squirrel, a Ducky, was found in Lisette’s yard. He did not seem to be suffering any obvious bone injuries, and he was already moving on his own when Lisette approached.

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If you find a stray squirrel, try not to approach it. It should weigh at least 75 grams and not have a full tail. If you encounter a mother squirrel carrying a stray baby, make sure you take it away from her as quickly as possible. If possible, wait several hours before taking it to the rehabilitator. If you see a baby squirrel that appears to be unconscious, contact a wildlife rescue organization or animal care facility.

If a squirrel is unable to walk or run, leave him alone. It is likely that the animal is not in need of medical intervention and is already old enough to take care of itself. A wildlife rehabilitator can help the animal and refer him to a veterinarian if needed. If he or she cannot reach a vet, you should call your local police department or a wildlife rescue center for advice.

Final Thoughts

You should call a wildlife rescue center if you find an injured squirrel on the ground. A local animal control center can transport an injured animal to a veterinary clinic or an animal rehab facility. If you have found a baby squirrel in a tree, leave it alone for at least one night. If the weather is cold, you should keep your injured squirrel under a blanket. The squirrel will not survive the night on the ground on its own.



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