Where Does Abigail Hide The Squirrel Statue

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Where Does Abigail Hide the Squirrel Statue?

If you’re playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ve probably wondered: where does Abigail hide the squirrel statue? The good news is, there’s an easy way to find it! Listed below are a few tips and tricks to find the squirrel statue. Read on to discover where Abigail hides her squirrel statue! We hope this information will help you find the statue in no time! This quest will reward you with a squirrel statue!

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Squirrel Statue Location

Where does Abigail hide the squirrel statue? The statue is located in the town of Beecher’s Hope. You can only find it after twenty-four hours of playing the game. Once you’ve located the statue, you have to replace it with a new one. Repeat the process five times, and you’ll get the achievement “It’s Art.”

Where does abigail hide the squirrel statue

To get the squirrel statue, you have to hunt a few creatures. Raccoons are primarily found in forests, but skunks will occasionally run onto a trail near train tracks. Skunks can be found near a spawning site. In addition to raccoons, you can find a spawning beaver to the south, east, or north. The statue is also located in the Niflheim Realm.

The location of the squirrel statue is also secret. You can’t get it by just looking for it, as you need to take the horse before heading in. This can be quite tricky since you need a horse in order to complete this quest. There’s one more way to get it though: burying the squirrel in the cemetery. To get the squirrel statue, you have to head in the direction of Beecher’s Hope.

How to find it

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Squirrel Statue is a hidden item in “Beecher’s Hope” and you can use it to decorate your living room. However, Abigail doesn’t like this new piece of art and will hide it and move it as soon as you do. In order to save your beloved statue, you need to leave the ranch grounds before Abigail can move it. Getting the statue back on the mantelpiece will unlock the “It’s Art” Trophy.

To get the statue, you must travel to Beecher’s Hope, which is located near Blackwater. However, the statue will disappear if you do not find it within a day, so you have to find it as soon as possible. Once you’ve completed Mount Shann, you’ll be able to find the statue and get it. If you can’t find it in time, you can always make multiple trips to Mrs. Hobbs to find it.

Once you’ve gathered all the required items, visit Ms. Hobbs’ hut at Strawberry, east of the Post Office. Once there, you will be rewarded with the Squirrel Statue. To find the statue, you’ll need to travel eastward from Strawberry and complete her mission. Once you’ve completed this mission, you will receive a letter from Ms. Hobbs, who will give you the statue. Place the statue on your center mantelpiece in Beecher’s Hope to complete the mission.

Trick to find it

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s a new side quest called “The Squirrel Statue” which you can complete after completing the Wildlife Art Exhibition. The objective is to retrieve the squirrel statue and put it on the shelf above the living room mantelpiece. Fortunately, you can do this as many times as you like, and when you complete all six steps, you’ll unlock the achievement “It’s Art.”

The second part of this Trick to find the squirrel statue is to return to Beecher’s Hope and talk to Abigail. She can show you how to find it again. To do this, head to the nearest town, Blackwater. In Beecher’s Hope, visit the General Store and the Barbershop. When you’re inside, you’ll find a chest with the statue in it. Once inside, you’ll be able to wait until morning to retrieve it.

The Squirrel Statue is located outside of Beecher’s Hope on Mt. Shann, northwest of Strawberry. After you collect all five of them, you’ll unlock the “Squirrel Man” trophy. To reach this trophy, you’ll have to move under a bridge and jump over gaps. You’ll also need to roll over a campfire in order to reach the statue.

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Where does Abigail hide the squirrel statue?

Above the fireplace in Beecher’s hope

Does anyone know about the squirrel statue?

No Abigail has not told anyone about it.

Why does Abigail hide the squirrel statue?

She is embarrassed by it and does not want anyone to see it.

How long has Abigail had the squirrel statue?

She’s had it for a few months.

Where did Abigail get the squirrel statue?

She found it on the side of the road.

Is the squirrel statue valuable?

No it is not valuable.

Does the squirrel statue have sentimental value to Abigail?

No it does not have sentimental value to Abigail.

What is the squirrel statue made of?

It is made of plastic.

What color is the squirrel statue?

It is brown.

Is the squirrel statue a realistic representation of a squirrel?

No it is not a realistic representation of a squirrel.

Does the squirrel statue have any distinguishing features?

No it does not have any distinguishing features.

Would anyone else find the squirrel statue interesting?

No most people would not find it interesting.

What would Abigail do if someone found out about the squirrel statue?

She would probably be embarrassed and try to hide it.

What would happen if the squirrel statue was discovered?

Nothing it is just a statue.

What is the point of the squirrel statue?

There is no point it is just a statue.

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