Where Is Secret Squirrel Coffee Sold

Where is Secret Squirrel Coffee Sold? Where Is Secret Squirrel Coffee Sold

If you’re curious about the origins of your favorite cup of Joe, Secret Squirrel is the coffee to try. The company makes an extensive line of specialty coffees, including cold brew and Harris Tea. To find the best place to buy Secret Squirrel coffee in your area, check out these tips. After reading this article, you’ll be ready to make a purchase! You’ll find the perfect cup of Joe in no time.

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Farmers market

The producers of Secret Squirrel coffee are Trevor and Rebecca Smith, who started their company in 2012. They were both avid coffee drinkers and experimented with different types of coffee before settling on the brand they’ve become known for. Inspired by the artisan food trends they saw in restaurants and grocery stores, they began selling their coffee at local farmers markets and soon developed a loyal following of cold brew lovers.

The company is now selling a variety of cold-brewed drinks made with Real California milk. The line features Original Black Coffee, Caffe Latte, Vietnamese Coffee, and Chicory Coffee. The company sources premium ingredients, including Real California milk, to make its coffee smooth and rich. The secret is in the packaging. In a small round bottle, Secret Squirrel showcases four different 12 oz. ready-to-drink drinks, including their popular iced coffee and latte.

The latte is made with real California milk, a premium indulgent that is non-rBST-supplemented. It also contains a high concentration of caffeine. The brand sells its coffee in select Whole Foods locations. There’s also a Facebook page and a Twitter page, so customers can keep up with updates on where to buy the delicious beverage. While it may be a little difficult to find Secret Squirrel Cold Brew at a Farmers Market, it’s a popular local favorite.

Harris Tea

You may already know that the Harris Tea Company makes a wide variety of private label brands. With an ever-expanding portfolio of unique brands, they are committed to providing consumers with the highest quality tea and coffee. This is reflected in their dedication to quality, innovation, expertise, and sustainability. If you are considering purchasing a private label tea bag, here are a few reasons to do so. You’ll find many benefits from buying Harris Tea, including its commitment to sustainability.

Foodservice accounts for 20 percent of tea industry revenue, and RTD tea is big in convenience stores. The rise of work-at-home lifestyles has contributed to this trend, as consumers have grown accustomed to single-serve offerings at vending machines. Moreover, they are stocking their pantries with more varieties, including secret squirrel coffee. Harris Tea Company, a division of Harris Freeman & Co., is one of the largest private label tea blenders in North America, with two facilities in Georgia and one in New Jersey and an affiliated factory in India.

The company’s portfolio includes many private label and specialty brands, including Salada, Newman’s Own Organic Tea, Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, and Wonder Drink Kombucha. It also sells Secret Squirrel Coffee through Pure Steeps. Its mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality tea and coffee available, regardless of the source. Harris Tea Company products are guaranteed to delight customers everywhere!

The Harris Tea Company is the largest private label tea maker in the United States. Its portfolio includes Red Rose(r) and Salada(r) teas. It also produces cold brew coffee, which is known as “cold brew coffee.”

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