Where To Eat Squirrel Hill Restaurants

Where to Eat in Squirrel Hillwhere to eat squirrel hill restaurants

The choices for where to eat in Squirrel Hill are seemingly endless. Pizza, coffee, tea, noodles, and everything in between abound in this quaint neighborhood. The biggest issue is choosing which place to visit: Aiello’s or Mineo’s? Or which place will offer the best noodles? Fortunately, we have you covered! Here are a few of our favorite places to get food in Squirrel Hill.


If you’re craving some good Italian food, consider stopping in at one of the many Squirrel Hill restaurants for pizza. There are several excellent pizza options within walking distance, including the Italian-style pizza at Aiello’s. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, as well as six-packs of local brews and craft beers. If you’re looking for a good pizza joint in Pittsburgh, look no further than Squirrel Hill.

Aiello’s Pizza: Aiello’s has an excellent Italian menu, with perfectly cooked Pepperoni and other meat pies. The pizza is served with a thin crust, and the margherita and pepperoni cuts are both reasonably priced. Aiello’s offers takeout options, as well, and offers attractive prices. Aiello’s serves large pies at affordable prices. To order pizza, visit 2112 Murray Ave.


If you’re in Pittsburgh and you’re craving coffee, consider stopping by one of the many Squirrel Hill restaurants. This neighborhood is home to many local and international eateries, including 61C Coffee (which is named after the Port Authority bus route). The coffee here isn’t exactly hipster-chic, but it certainly packs a punch, and there’s plenty of outdoor seating. For a more traditional coffee experience, try 61B Coffee (in Regent Square).

Other great Squirrel Hill restaurants include Prantl’s Bakery, a local favorite for its burtn almond torte, as well as Gaby et Jules, a French pastry shop specializing in macarons. There’s also Five Points Artisan Bakeshop, which offers baked goods and a corner location. And if you’re looking for a quick bite, you might want to stop by Berry Fresh, which used to be known as Razzy Fresh. Squirrel Hill is also home to a bustling shopping district.


After the popular Sun Penang Thai and Chinese restaurant in Squirrel Hill closed its doors, a new Asian fusion concept opened on Forbes Avenue: Magic Noodle. This restaurant brings family-style dishes from Chengdu and Shanghai to Pittsburgh. The well-polished menu and inviting atmosphere give this new spot a local feel. Seating for about 50 people, a spacious front patio, and a full bar make for a fun night out with your friends and family. It also offers Chinese appetizers and dishes.

Another restaurant on Squirrel Hill focuses on the noodles and their origins. Everyday Noodle offers a taste of Asian fare, with homemade noodles. The atmosphere is intimate and a perfect place to watch the chefs in action. It is open for lunch and dinner and seats are arranged so that guests can watch the cook transform dough into noodles. The owner, Allen Chen, also owns Tamari in Lawrenceville and Tamari on Warrendale, two Asian restaurants that are accessible to everyone.

Dim sum

Located in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, this Chinese restaurant is a must-visit when visiting Los Angeles. Not only does it serve takeout, but it is also a great place to dine on dim sum and sample traditional Chinese cuisine. Dim sum here is served without the carts that can be distracting to the dining experience. The restaurant’s dim sum menu is made up of a selection of buns, including the fried stuffed bun, a meatball-filled fluffy bun that is crisp at the base.

In addition to the new location, several other Pittsburgh restaurants offer dim sum-like fare. The New Dumpling House and Hong Kong Restaurant in Dormont both offer a dim sum menu. Golden Palace offers a dim sum menu every day of the week and cart service on weekends. The convenience is especially convenient for those who are not yet familiar with the traditional methods of serving dim sum. And while most Pittsburgh restaurants offer service by the plate, carts are more convenient, especially for those with limited culinary experience.

Asian food

If you are looking for Asian food in Pittsburgh, consider Squirrel Hill. The east end of the city is home to the largest concentration of Jewish families in the city, as well as many Asian-American restaurants. There are more than 30 Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, and other Asian restaurants in the area, so you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes. For a more authentic Asian experience, try Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33, located at 1711 Shady Ave.

For authentic Asian food, try the menu at the first restaurant you see. Everyday Noodles, for example, specializes in fresh noodles. Chefs prepare noodles right in front of customers. There are dim sum options as well. In addition to authentic Chinese and Thai dishes, you’ll find an array of fresh sushi and dim sum. Be sure to bring your camera! You’ll want to take home some souvenirs. After all, Pittsburgh is a vibrant place, so why not celebrate Asian culture with your family?


When it comes to coffee shops and restaurants, Squirrel Hill has plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a convenient location, try Starbucks in Squirrel Hill, PA. You can get a delicious coffee drink and a croissant or donut with free shipping. Or, for more variety, visit the many ethnic restaurants. All are within walking distance of one another. If you need to get to the office quickly, a quick trip to a nearby Starbucks will do the trick.

The food scene in Squirrel Hill is diverse and international. Most restaurants serve Asian or Jewish fare, as the area is home to a large Jewish population. There is something for every palate, including vegetarian-friendly fare at Aladdin’s Eatery. For more ethnic fare, check out the Aladdin’s Eatery, which serves authentic Middle Eastern and Lebanese dishes. You can also try vegetarian dishes from the region, or indulge in some Indian fare at Coriander India Grill.

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