Where To Hunt Squirrel In California

Where to Hunt Squirrel in California where-to-hunt-squirrel-in-california

You may be wondering where to hunt squirrel in California. While the general squirrel season runs through the last Sunday of January, the archery and falconry seasons start on the first Saturday in August and run until the day before the general season opens. California tree squirrels have a daily bag limit of four, the same as the possession limit. Listed below are some great locations for hunting these critters.

White squirrels

It is a rarity to find white ground squirrels in California, but some species do exist. Wiry-tailed white ground squirrels are a rare breed, and while they are not albinos, their genetic trait may persist. Several of them have brown eyes and grey patches. Their whiteness may be a result of a genetic disorder known as leucism. It occurs when a squirrel’s pigmentation fails to develop properly, resulting in white patches or completely white animals.

While the presence of these white squirrels in California may seem a bit unlikely at first glance, the species has been growing in recent years and is becoming more common. If you see one, don’t hesitate to fill out a form so that researchers can learn more about this amazing animal. There is a special website on the Internet for reporting sightings of white squirrels, and you can even submit your sighting to the team.

Eastern fox squirrels

The eastern fox squirrel is a native of southern China, but it has recently been found in the western United States. This species is found in many localized populations in California. It has been spotted in San Mateo, Ventura, Shasta, and Los Angeles cos. It has been found in redwood forests, eucalyptus groves, and valley foothill hardwood habitats. It has been invasive in California, and is considered a pest and is threatened.

The fox squirrel was released in Golden Gate Park in 1890 and has since died out, but it still occupies the Presidio area. By the 1930s, fox squirrels had colonized Stanford and UC Berkeley campuses. It is illegal to import tree squirrels into California, but their numbers have been displaced within the state. Eastern fox squirrels produce two litters a year and are tolerant of open areas. They will also raid birds’ nests for eggs and young.

Western gray squirrels

Western gray squirrels live in forests at altitudes up to 2,000 meters. They are strictly diurnal and travel from tree to tree, feeding on acorns, nuts, fruits and seeds. Their nests are usually located in the top third of a tree. The sound of barking is indicative of an estrus female. These animals also make foot-stomping and tail-flicking noises.

The species is native to the western United States, but it is now largely extinct in Nevada, where it was once widely distributed along the base of the Carson Range. The species is now found mainly in the Tehachapi Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and interior valley margins of the Cascades. The range of the western gray squirrel extends eastward from the Pacific Coast to Coo Bay, and along both sides of the Cascades to Washington.

California ground squirrels

Where to hunt ground squirrels in California depends on where you live and how you manage them. Most areas are not affected by plague, but you should always check with your county’s public health department before venturing out. If you live in the Mojave Desert, you should avoid taking this species because it is state-protected and not legal to hunt. In addition, you should not take the animal if it has already become infected with plague.

There are several places to hunt ground squirrels in California, and their habitat ranges from coastal areas to heavy woods. If you are looking for a local spot, consider searching in areas with grassy terrain, such as suburban neighborhoods. In addition to dense woods, they prefer urban areas. If you plan on hunting these animals in urban areas, try avoiding the city. They may be more difficult to find in urban areas.


In California, the best times to hunt for squirrels are from September to January. You’ll need a hunting license to take shots at squirrels during the day, and you’ll need to be in an open zone to do so. Find out more about the open zones from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. To learn more about squirrel hunting in California, read on. You’ll find tips and tricks that will help you kill more squirrels for less money.

There are seasons to hunt squirrel in California, but these seasons only apply to tree-dwelling species. This means that if you live in a temperate climate, you can hunt Douglas tree squirrels. Douglas squirrels can be found throughout California, but they prefer mature conifer stands and hardwood conifer forests. While the seasons for hunting squirrels in California are strictly seasonal, you’ll be able to take home the meat of a whole squirrel during the right time.


There are three types of squirrels in California: ground squirrels, flying squirrels, and flying foxes. Ground squirrels live in burrows that they dig for themselves. These creatures easily become tame and seldom venture more than 50 meters from their burrows. They are diurnal and spend most of their time underground or sunning. Squirrels use cheek pouches to store food.

In California, the San Bernardino flying squirrel lives in high-elevation mixed-conifer forests. This species breeds once a year, during early spring. The female California ground squirrel has five to eleven young at one time. A gestation period of about a month lasts for each litter. The young are born helpless and open their eyes around five weeks old. The California ground squirrel pups reach sexual maturity at around six months of age.

Where is the best place to hunt squirrel in California?

The best place to hunt squirrel in California would be in the mountains near Yosemite National Park.

What is the best time of day to hunt squirrel in California?

The best time of day to hunt squirrel in California would be early in the morning or late in the evening.

What is the best time of year to hunt squirrel in California?

The best time of year to hunt squirrel in California would be in the spring or fall.

What should you wear when you go squirrel hunting in California?

When you go squirrel hunting in California you should wear camouflage clothing and a face mask.

What kind of weapon should you use to hunt squirrel in California?

The best weapon to use to hunt squirrel in California would be a shotgun.

What kind of ammunition should you use to hunt squirrel in California?

The best ammunition to use to hunt squirrel in California would be birdshot.

How close do you need to be to the squirrel to kill it?

You should try to be within 20 yards of the squirrel.

What should you do if you see a squirrel but can’t get a shot at it?

If you see a squirrel but can’t get a shot at it you should wait for it to come down from the tree and then take your shot.

What should you do with the squirrel after you kill it?

After you kill the squirrel you should field dress it and then either eat it or put it in your game bag.

What should you do if you can’t find any squirrels?

If you can’t find any squirrels you should try moving to a different location.

What should you do if you see other hunters?

If you see other hunters you should wave to them and then move to a different location.

What should you do if you hear other hunters?

If you hear other hunters you should move to a different location.

What should you do if you see a bear?

If you see a bear you should make a loud noise and try to scare it away.

What should you do if you see a coyote?

If you see a coyote you should make a loud noise and try to scare it away.

What should you do if you see a mountain lion?

If you see a mountain lion you should make a loud noise and try to scare it away.

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