Where To Put A Squirrel Feeder

Where to Put a Squirrel Feeder where to put a squirrel feeder

The first thing to do before setting up a squirrel feeder is to clear brush in the area. This will help keep rats from coming in contact with the nuts and seeds. Keep in mind to store the food in containers that seal tightly. Also, the best place to put a squirrel feeder is far from the edge of your garden or fencing. Choose an open space that is free of fences. If you’re having trouble deciding where to put a squirrel feeder, follow these tips:

Place a squirrel feeder on a tree they are nesting in

If you’d like to attract more squirrels to your garden, it may be a good idea to place a squirrel feeder on a tree they’re nesting in. These creatures are dependent on humans for food, and if you don’t want to give them what they’re looking for, you should consider placing a squirrel feeder up to 12 feet from the trunk of the tree, and four feet from the ground. This will prevent squirrels from jumping onto the feeders.

If you see the squirrels nesting in a tree, look for the drey, which is usually made of dried grass and shredded bark. These nests are high up in the tree, where the chilly weather does not blow them away. They’ll also make chukking noises as they eat the food, and you can easily hear them in the process.

Place a squirrel feeder on a horse head

The Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is a unique novelty item for feeding squirrels. The head of a horse is shaped like a feeder, so that a squirrel can enter by standing on its hind legs. The feeder can be placed in any area where squirrels frequent, and includes a pre-threaded string for hanging. A squirrel will only be able to access the feeder if it is hung at least 8 inches above the ground.

This animal head is made of durable vinyl plastic that is resistant to rain and heat. It also adds a unique and interesting touch to any yard. Aside from attracting squirrels, this item also makes for a funny gag gift! Once installed, the squirrel feeder can be used immediately. Once the squirrels have eaten the seed, the feeder string must be sufficiently tight to hold a full-grown squirrel.

Place a squirrel feeder away from bird feeders

If you want to discourage squirrels from visiting your birdfeeders, you can place a squirrel feeder far away from them. Remember that squirrels can jump up to 10 feet, so it’s best to keep bird feeders at least 10 feet away from walls and trees. If the squirrels don’t find your birdfeeders attractive, they’ll move on to a different location. If your feeders are in a common area, you can place a squirrel feeder there.

Another way to deter squirrels is to place wires around your bird feeders. These wires are designed to prevent squirrels from accessing bird feeders. You should place them nine or ten feet away from the pole so that they can’t climb it. Once you’ve placed the wires, you’ll no longer have a problem with squirrels accessing your bird feeders. It’s a good idea to place a squirrel feeder away from bird feeders if you’d like to keep squirrels out of your yard.

Place a squirrel feeder away from predators

You can install a squirrel feeder in your yard to keep the animals from raiding it. If you have a fence, install a baffle above the feeder. A dome-shaped plastic baffle will keep squirrels away. Place the feeder at least six feet away from a fence or wall, and remove any ground cover within a 12-foot radius. Raccoons and squirrels cannot climb a plastic baffle, so they will stay away.

Make sure your feeder is located near a tree or shrub. It should be at least eight to 10 feet off the ground, and away from your home’s roof. Otherwise, the squirrels may find it difficult to get out, and you could end up with a dead squirrel in your attic. The best way to keep squirrels out is to place a feeder out of reach of predators. Remember, the squirrels are not going to move away from their winter homes, so they need water to survive.

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