Where To Sell Squirrel Pelts

Where to Sell Squirrel Peltswhere to sell squirrel pelts

There are a few places that will buy your squirrel pelts. Mepps’ Inc. will accept red squirrel tails, fox tails, and even tails from the rare Western gray. While it is illegal to sell Western grays, all other tails are welcome.

Here are some tips for preserving the tail. You can also sell your fox tails at Mepps’. Read on for more information.


Mepps has been purchasing squirrel pelts for decades. Although they don’t advocate killing squirrels for their tails, Mepps does acknowledge that squirrel meat is among the most delicious of all wild meats. Not to mention, squirrel pelts can be recycled for various items.

Therefore, hunters should make sure to donate their tails to Mepps, who will pay you twice for them. This way, hunters will get double the return on their efforts by being paid to collect and sell their tails.

The manufacturing process for Mepps’ spinners begins with selecting the tail hair. These tail hairs must be at least an inch long, and are often combined with a red or black hackle feather.

Then, each piece of tail hair is tied to a hook, which is dressed in red or black. The spinner is then topped with beads and the company’s trademark concave oval blade. Finally, the line tie is twisted to seal the spinner.

River otter trapping season

While trapping otters may not be your first choice, it is important to know the laws regarding these animals. It is illegal to sell otters’ pelts without their seal, and you can only sell the pelts of certain species. If you do decide to sell the pelts, make sure to include your license number and name on the trap. If you are a resident, you must also have a Resident Trapper Permit (free) in order to legally hunt otters in your state.

The state of Indiana has approved a limited trapping season for river otters. However, the state attorney general’s office and governor’s office still must approve the regulations before it can be implemented.

If the regulations are approved, you can begin selling squirrel pelts in 66 counties, including Marion, Morgan, Hamilton, and Hamilton. The otters were once completely exterminated in Indiana, but restoration efforts have made them more abundant.

Legality of selling squirrel tails

If you’ve been contemplating the legality of selling squirrel tails, you’ve probably wondered how this business works. The question isn’t so much whether the business is illegal, but rather how safe it is. As long as it’s not illegal to sell the tails, you’ll be fine. In fact, many stores even sell squirrel tails. Here’s how to sell squirrel tails safely:

Before you can sell squirrel tails, you’ll need to know how to properly store them. They don’t last long in plastic bags, so make sure to ship them in cool months. If you want to sell them year-round, however, you’ll have to dry them first.

For this, you can visit the Mepps factory in Antigo, Wisconsin, where they accept unused squirrel tails. The company does not accept road kill, but will send you lures in return for a box of tails.

Ways to preserve a squirrel’s tail

There are several ways to preserve a squirrel’s tail. The first way is to salt it. After you have removed the squirrel’s skin, you should place the tail in a strong saltwater solution. Make sure the tail is not curled or bent, and keep it out of flies’ reach.

After the tail is thoroughly salted, it should be thoroughly dried. After a week, you can hang it up on a wall or store it in a freezer.

The tails from deer are very similar. The meat and fat is removed and then the tail is separated from the bone. If you are interested in preserving the tail, you can follow Mepp’s instructions. Keeping the tail in a warm, dry place is very important.

Once the tail is completely dried, you can keep it in a freezer for seven to ten days. Just make sure you don’t remove the tail from the preservation area, as this can damage the skin and tail bone.

Places to sell squirrel pelts

Squirrel pelts are valuable and can be traded in the markets for other products. If you want to sell your pelt, you can find a buyer online. The best place to sell your pelts is online, where hundreds of sites are available. You can also find them in local stores or farmers’ markets. If you’re a professional hunter, you can even sell them to the general public.

Squirrel pelts can be tanned or sold at local markets. American Gray squirrel skins are cased, with tails and are 16 to 21 inches long. They weigh 1.5 oz. Chinese Gray squirrel pelts are 8 to 10 inches long, about 4″ to 5″ wide, and are chrome-tanned in China. Squirrel pelts sometimes have bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

In many parts of the world, squirrel tails are considered to be good luck charms, and as such, they can be quite valuable. In some cultures, a single squirrel tail can be worth as much as $100. In others, a squirrel tail may only be worth a few dollars. Ultimately, the value of a squirrel tail depends on the culture in which it is being traded.

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