Which Congressional District Is Squirrel Hill Pa 18th Or 17th

Which Congressman Represents Squirrel Hill Pennsylvania?Which Congressional District Is Squirrel Hill Pa 18th Or 17th

If you are a resident of Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, you may be wondering which congressional district is best for you. Allegheny County’s southern suburbs are home to the 18th and 17th congressional districts. Listed below are the Demographics for each district and the candidates vying for the seat. Read on to learn which district best suits your needs. If you are a resident of Squirrel Hill, you can use the links provided below to find out which congressional district represents the area.

Philadelphia’s congressional district

The redrawn map is more competitive than it was before, but is it better for Democrats? The suburban Philadelphia districts include Fishtown and the River Wards, and also portions of Center City, South Philadelphia, and Southwest Philadelphia. Previously, the 17th and 18th districts had been evenly split between Trump and Clinton, and now they are much closer to each other. The new map has a much more competitive demographic mix and is more favorable for Democrats.

The new 17th congressional district will be narrower and contain some largely liberal areas. Under the previous map, the 17th District was a prime target for takeovers. Now, Republicans own 93 percent of the district, which includes all of Bucks County and part of Montgomery County. As of December, GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick had $1.1 million in the bank.

Allegheny County’s southern suburbs

The southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are located in Allegheny County. These neighborhoods range from traditionally wealthy Upper St. Clair to middle-class Bethel Park to working-class labor towns like Elizabeth. The area is also considered to be part of the 17th congressional district. Listed below are the current congressional districts in Pennsylvania. If you’re wondering which is better for you, consider these factors.

There’s a special election scheduled for March that won’t be affected by the new congressional map. The winner of that election could potentially face either the incumbent in November or Democratic Congressman Mike Doyle in November. The Secretary of Commonwealth has until Tuesday to raise any logistical issues with the proposed congressional district. And while we’re waiting for the new map, we can’t say whether Allegheny County’s southern suburbs are in the 18th or 17th congressional districts.


Pennsylvania’s 18th or 17th congressional district contains a relatively homogenous population. The median home value was $147,600 in 2019 (a slight increase from last year). The average commute time was 26 minutes. This district is a relatively conservative area, with a majority of residents earning a bachelor’s degree or higher. Its median household income is above the state average, and its population is largely white and non-Hispanic.

In the 18th Congressional District, Pennsylvania, there are nearly 700,000 residents. Their median age is 38.5, and the majority of residents are white. The district’s top five occupations pay between $66,840 and $84,100 annually. While the overall median household income is low, it’s higher than the state average of $58,743 per year. The average household income is $36,864 per year, which is slightly higher than the national average.

Candidates vying for the seat

In the redrawn congressional district in southwest Pennsylvania, a special election has gotten national attention. And that excitement may foreshadow a blue wave come November. While the winning candidate is still uncertain, Democratic enthusiasm is high in the heart of President Trump’s country. This election will determine the next Congressman from Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. And while the new district includes some new territory, the redrawn map is still a balancing act.

Two Democrats who live outside the 17th Congressional District have declared candidacy for this seat. One is Chris Deluzio, who served in the Iraq war and currently serves as the policy director for the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law. He is an openly gay political consultant and lives in the district. Another is Sean Meloy, a vice president of the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

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