Which Correctly Revises The Sentence The Squirrel

Three Possible Answers to the Question “Which Sentence is True?” which-correctly-revises-the-sentence-the-squirrel

In this article, we will discuss three possible answers: False, erroneous, and incorrect. Let’s start by reviewing the question, “Which sentence is true?”


Earlier this year, the Fish and Wildlife agency was investigated for illegally harboring an eastern gray squirrel. The agency is responsible for protecting wildlife and perpetuating ecosystems. While officials said they don’t take responsibility for Hawthorne’s death, they say that it’s the people who brought the squirrel into their home who are at fault. Though both Whitcomb and Holmes admit they did not know that they were breaking state laws, they say that they now see it as a lesson.


A cat once saw a squirrel running around a tree and yelling angrily. The squirrel didn’t respond to the cat’s calls, but it kept circling the tree in circles, chattering furiously. The squirrel was clearly enraged and began to run in circles, chattering to himself. It was a good idea to give the cat a stern look, but the cat was too far away.


“The squirrel chattered angrily while running in circles around the tree,” says the author. “The cat, who had been staring at it, was surprised.” That’s an example of a sentence that’s not quite right, and is a good candidate for rephrasing. The sentence’s context should clarify what the writer is trying to say. In this case, the squirrel’s activity is not just the result of fear of the cat, but rather its response to human disturbance.

What is the main subject of the sentence?

The squirrel

What is the main verb of the sentence?


What is the direct object of the sentence?

This format

What is the indirect object of the sentence?

15 questions

What is the subject complement of the sentence?

The right answer

What is the object complement of the sentence?

To the questions

What is the adjective in the sentence?


What is the adverb in the sentence?


What is the gerund in the sentence?


What is the participle in the sentence?


What type of sentence is it?


What is the mood of the sentence?


What is the tense of the sentence?


Is the sentence active or passive?


What is the point of view of the sentence?

First person

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