Who Created Foamy The Squirrel

Who Created Foamy the Squirrel?who-created-foamy-the-squirrel

There are several theories on who created the character Foamy the squirrel, and each of them have merit. Some have attributed his creation to Jonathan Ian Mathers, Germaine Endez, or Franklin O’Kee, and others have placed the blame on a variety of other creators, including Pilz-e and Germaine. The truth lies somewhere in between, but a few popular theories are:

Jonathan Ian Mathers

Neurotically Yours, or Foamy the Squirrel, is a comic book series by Jonathan Ian Mathers. It follows the political squirrel Foamy, and his sidekick, a feminist Goth girl. The series is darkly humorous, with random episodes of the squirrel’s life. Foamy is an opinionated character, and his opinions have won him fans. Foamy even has his own card cult.

Foamy was originally created in the 1920s, and he has been around ever since. In the “Reboot Button” episode, he confirms his age claim of 700 years. In the comics, he also confirms his sexuality and enjoys being a punk. Foamy’s appearance in Roswell is an allusion to Ratatoskr, a creature from the Norse mythology who may have been a messenger for the Gods.

Germaine Endez

Foamy is a fictional character created by Germaine Endez. She uses him as a puppet during her therapy sessions. It is a lie that Germaine creates with Foamy, which she then uses to get out of therapy. Ultimately, Foamy and Germaine become friends. The show is a success and a hit on the Web. Foamy the Squirrel has become one of the most popular cartoon series in history.

Germaine was an aspiring writer and a goth. Her poetry has won her several awards and recognition, but her struggles are too great. She relies on her sexuality to make ends meet. Her resume is a roller coaster, with jobs ranging from occult bookstore clerk to escort to art model. Germaine has continued to produce her work in spite of her difficulties.


The creators of the animated television series Pilz-E created Foamy the Squirrel, and they incorporated the character’s personality and interests into the cartoon. The main character, Foamy, has many dislikes, including Metallica and pop culture in general. He blames Metallica for the demise of Napster, and he discusses the benefits of Mexican culture. The character also has trouble with his gender identity, as he’s bisexual, but tolerates Begley and The Hatta.

Foamy is concerned about Pilz-E’s drug addiction, as he has a difficult time understanding his own gibberish. Foamy also worries about the medical experiments that Pilz-E is undergoing. In addition to his drug addiction, Pilz-E is also prone to hallucinations, and his banter is often nonsensical. Foamy often has a hard time dealing with Pilz-E’s drugged behavior.

Franklin O’Kee

A cartoon character from Franklin O’Kee’s “Squirrel Comics” is Foamy the Squirrel. Foamy has his own personality and is extremely opinionated. The series follows Foamy and his owner Germaine, who fight against injustice, stupidity, and other annoyances in real life. While Franklin enjoys reading and writing, he has trouble with his relationship with Foamy.

The cartoon has a cast of characters, including the lovable and sarcastic Foamy. Foamy is the only one in the series who speaks a third language, which makes him an even more unique character. Franklin O’Kee’s other creations are all a bit odd, but they all fulfill a stereotype. The series has a large fan base, and Foamy is popular among young people.

Anchovie Allcock

Anchovie Allcock is a failed pizza delivery guy from England. He’s now a gym teacher and secretly photographs Germaine’s face for his website. He hates Foamy the squirrel, but is forced to play the part because he’s the one who feeds him! Anchovie also hates the “Squirrel Man” who has been jailed for feeding squirrels and who’s always passing out leaflets explaining his practice to passersby.

Foamy the Squirrel is the most popular of the characters, and he’s very opinionated. He lives with Germaine, a woman who is madly in love with Foamy. They’re both opinionated, and their banter is often nonsensical due to the hallucinations and drugs he takes to achieve this goal. Foamy and Germaine both have problems coping with Pilz-E’s drugged behavior, but they’re genuinely good-hearted animals.

Jack Partfine

Foamy the squirrel is a beloved cartoon character created by Jack Partfine. A cryptozoologist by trade, Partfine is constantly searching for cryptids and paranormal activity. In the reboot series, Partfine becomes the neighbor of Germaine. Foamy is highly suspicious of humans and believes that they are simply brains for an army of robots. This explains the reason he receives so much fan mail.

In the original cartoon, Foamy the Squirrel was named Pilz-E, after a scientist who used him in experiments. His drug-addled behavior causes him to mutter nonsensically, but he is nonetheless a very lovable and good-hearted creature. He has his own personality quirks, but he’s not as sweet as he appears to be. Partfine’s zany Bigfoot theories have caused Foamy to become more sympathetic than ever.

Who voiced Foamy in the early episodes?

Jonathan Louden

who created foamy?

Jonathan Louden

When was the first Foamy episode released?

March 28 1999

What does Germaine do for a living?

She is a Goth girl who works at a coffee shop.

Who is Pilz-e?

He is Foamy’s arch-enemy and is also a squirrel.

What does Pilz-e want to do with Foamy?

He wants to take over the world with an army of squirrels.

Who is the Squirrel Scout leader?

He is a squirrel who is the leader of the Squirrel Scouts.

Who is the only human character in the Foamy series?

He is a balding man who is Germaine’s boyfriend.

What does Gene do for a living?

He is a mad scientist who creates zombies.

Who is Elmer?

He is a squirrel who is one of Foamy’s friends.

What does Foamy do in his free time?

He goes on adventures and often gets into trouble.

What does Germaine’s mom do for a living?

She is a fortuneteller who often tells Germaine’s future.

What is the name of Germaine’s cat?



Where does Foamy live?

In Germaine’s attic

What is the name of Foamy’s podcast?

The Foamy Fanclub

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