Who Did The Voice For Rocky The Squirrel

Who Did The Voice For Rocky The Squirrel?Who Did The Voice For Rocky The Squirrel

If you have been looking for who did the voice for Rocky the Squirrel, you’ve come to the right place. This article lists some of the most memorable voices for the animated series. Learn about June Foray, Roz Ryan, and Nell Fenwick, and see if you recognize any of them from the show. If not, then keep reading to learn more. And don’t forget to check out our Rocky The Squirrel Wiki for even more info.

June Foray

June Foray was an actress, singer, and voice actor who lent her talents to a wide variety of popular cartoon characters. She had the coveted role of voicing Rocky the Flying Squirrel and was also known for voicing Natasha Fatale in the popular Rocky and His Friends cartoon series. Her career spanned over eight decades and included work on popular cartoons produced by Chuck Jones and Warner Bros. Foray gained worldwide fame as a voice actress and also lent her voice to popular Disney films.

Besides doing the voice for Rocky the squirrel, Foray also voiced the demonic doll Talky Tina in 1963. In 2013, a documentary about Foray was produced. Foray was married to actors Bernard Barondess from 1941 to 1945, and John Donavan from 1954 to 1976. Listed below are some of her most famous roles:

Roz Ryan

The character of Rocky the squirrel was created by Stan Freberg in his 1960s TV series “Rocky and Bullwinkle.” He cast Foray to play his secretary, and she subsequently voiced Rocky on the show. She also appeared in some of his other TV specials, including one as a young Karen in Frosty the Snowman. Her speaking parts were later replaced by uncredited voices, but she continued to voice nearly all the female characters on the show. In the fifth episode, she did the voice for Rocky, and her role was a bit more fun and sarcastic.

June Foray also voiced several popular cartoon characters, including Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale, Granny the Owner of Tweety Bird, and many other cartoon characters. She also worked with such legends as Mel Blanc, Chuck Jones, and Stan Freberg to produce many of the cartoons that are a staple of our childhood. She was 86 years old when she passed away, and her fans will miss her lovable and endearing characters forever.

Ms. Foray

In the “Rocky and His Friends” cartoon series, Foray voiced a variety of characters. She also voiced the Russian villain, Natasha Fatale. Her most well-known voice role, however, was as Nell Fenwick, the prim girlfriend of the handsome Mountie Dudley Do-Right. She also appeared in numerous other Jay Ward cartoons, including “Dinosaur Camp,” “Mulan,” and “The Twilight Zone.”

In addition to her role as the voice of Rocky, Foray voiced many classic cartoon characters, including “The Garfield Show,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and several other characters. She was also the voice behind many female characters in “Rocky and Bullwinkle Show,” including the villain Natasha Fatale and the damsel-in-distress Nell Fenwick. In 2012, she won an Emmy for her performance as Mrs. Cauldron in “The Garfield Show,” and reprised her role as Rocky in a short in “Rocky and Bullwinkle.” She was married to actor Bernard Barondess for two years before her death. The two years following her accident, Foray had remarried actor Hobart Donovan.

In addition to doing the voice for Rocky the squirrel, Foray was also an important figure in the history of animation. She helped create the Annie Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in the field of animation. In fact, she helped to start the Annie Awards in the 1970s, which honor notable individuals who have contributed to the industry through animation. She was also the first person to win the prestigious June Foray award.

Nell Fenwick

If you remember the popular children’s cartoon, Rocky and Bullwinkle, you probably remember the voice actress Nell Fenwick as the boy squirrel who served as the straight man to Bullwinkle and the other characters. The role of Nell Fenwick was not one of her many credits, but she made it a memorable one. Her voice was also very melodic and suited the role of the boy squirrel perfectly.

Foray had a diverse career as a voice actress and worked in dozens of different roles. Though she played hundreds of different roles throughout her career, she never faded into her performance. She had a distinctive tone, making it easy to recognize her voice wherever she went. For instance, for the “Tweety and Sylvester” shorts, Foray pitched her voice ahead several decades. In contrast, she pitched her voice up an octave for the role of Nell Fenwick, the long-suffering girlfriend of Dudley Do-Right.

Who did the voice for Rocky the Squirrel?

Answer 1: Bill Scott

Who did the voice for Bullwinkle the Moose?

Answer 2: Bill Scott

What year did The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show first air?

Answer 3: 1959

Who created The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?

Answer 4: Jay Ward

What network aired The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?

Answer 5: ABC

How many seasons of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show were there?

Answer 6: 5

Who were the main antagonists in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?

Answer 7: Boris and Natasha

What was the name of Rocky’s sidekick?

Answer 8: Bullwinkle

What was the name of the town that Rocky and Bullwinkle lived in?

Answer 9: Frostbite Falls

What was the name of Boris’s sidekick?

Answer 10: Natasha

What was the name of the cannon that Rocky used to stop Boris and Natasha’s escape attempts?

Answer 11: Peabody’s Improbable History

What was the name of the segment that featured Fractured Fairytales?

Answer 12: Aesop and Son

What was the name of the villainous leader that Boris and Natasha worked for?

Answer 13: Fearless Leader

What was the name of the segment that featured Dudley Do-Right?

Answer 14: Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties

What was the name of the segment that featured Mr.


Answer 15: Mr.


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