Who In West Virginia Have Squirrel Dogs For Sale And How Much Do They Cost

Who in West Virginia Have Squirrel Dogs for Sale and How Much Do They Cost? who in west virginia have squirrel dogs for sale and how much do they cost

Australian shepherds are not typically known for their hunting abilities, but they have been used for decades to hunt squirrels. Ed Hamrick, two-time director of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, has been using the dogs for hunting squirrels for forty years. In fact, he believes these dogs can be the perfect match for the right hunting situation. So how do you go about finding a breeder?

Breeds of squirrel dogs

If you’re interested in a dog that is both intelligent and loyal, a cur is a great choice. Fiests have terrier ancestry and are smaller than curs. They can be great buddies if you spend plenty of time together. During puppyhood, take them everywhere you go with you to help bond with each other. This is good training for any dog, but it’s particularly important for a squirrel dog. Breeds of squirrel dogs for sale in West Virginia include: Mullens fiest, Barger fiest, Stephens cur, and Tennessee brindle.

If you’re unfamiliar with the squirrel dog world, you should look for a reputable breeder. You should be able to visit the parents and learn about the dog’s temperament and behavior before making the purchase. Before making any decision, try to meet with a breeder in the woods to observe the parents. The best way to predict how the puppy will behave is to watch the parents in their natural habitat.

Common breeds

If you want a dog to track squirrels, you may be wondering what the best breed to get is. It’s a good idea to know that the Norwegian elk hound is a good choice. However, other hound breeds are gaining popularity as good squirrel dogs. The West Siberian laika, a Russian breed, is also a good candidate for the job. The natural nose factor is at work here, too. It may even start playing the treeing game as young as four months old.

These small-sized terriers are also known as fox terriers. The name is fitting since they are independent, and they stand between 10 and 25 inches tall. Their short, smooth coats make them ideal for hunting. Another great breed of squirrel dogs is the Mountain Cur, which stands between sixteen and 26 inches tall and weighs thirty to sixty pounds. This breed is incredibly intelligent and is known to have strong hunting instincts.


If you’ve ever thought of owning a squirrel dog, you might be surprised by the costs. In fact, prices for squirrel dogs in West Virginia are higher than the national average, and you should definitely consider purchasing one of these animals. While there are several benefits to owning one of these dogs, you need to know that they’re not suitable for every household. To help you decide which type of squirrel dog to get, here are some tips:

Unlike other dog breeds, Australian shepherds are not generally used as hunting dogs. But they’ve been used for this purpose in West Virginia for over 40 years. And you can’t beat the versatility of these dogs. They’re capable of hunting nearly every species of wildlife, including black bear. Many Mountain State hunters use several breeds of these dogs, including the Australian shepherd, Norwegian elk hound, and various smaller terriers.

Where to find a breeder

When searching for a breeder of squirrel dogs in West Virgina, you should know that the most popular types are Terriers and Feists. Although these dogs are technically considered mutts, they were originally bred for hunting bushytails. A good squirrel dog must possess great prey drive and an excellent sense of smell. It should be able to track squirrel scents and then follow them.

If you are considering getting a squirrel dog, you should know that Australian shepherds are not commonly used in this purpose, but they are being used in the state by a few breeders. Hamrick, a two-time director of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, has been using these dogs for 40 years for this purpose. If you’d like to get your own squirrel dog, you should research the breed and consider the temperament before making the purchase.

Equipment needed to train a squirrel dog

Getting a squirrel dog can be a challenging experience. First of all, you need to have patience. Training your dog can take several months or even years, but you should be sure to be consistent. Training your dog to hunt squirrels requires patience, and you should go on a weekly hunting trip. During the first few hunting trips, the focus should be on building your dog’s confidence. After this point, you can try taking your dog hunting on a daily basis.

The first step in training a squirrel dog is to choose a good litter. A good litter will have good bloodlines, making them a better option than a cheap puppy. You should start by choosing a dog from a reputable breeder. James Parnell, a lifelong breeder and trainer of the Stephens Stock Mountain Curs and Mountain Feists, wanted a tree dog with low-maintenance needs. He developed his Carolina Curs in 1998.

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