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Who Is Earl The Squirrel?who-is-earl-the-squirrel-universal

You may be wondering, “Who is Earl The Squirrel?” We’ll cover the Character’s Origin, appearance at Universal Studios Florida, and Meet-and-Greet opportunities. You might also wonder how to get his merchandise. If you’re a fan, keep reading to learn more about him. You’ll be glad you did! There’s more about this adorable creature than meets the eye, so read on to find out!

Origin story

In addition to being a popular holiday character at Universal Orlando, Earl the Squirrel also has a fascinating origin story. While the character first appeared as a real animal in a Christmas tree at Universal Studios, he has since evolved into a mascot. Originally a squirrel, Earl was a festive figure that helped himself to items from the tree. The stuffed animal was used to create a series of popular Christmas ornaments, including a tree with blue lights hanging from its branches.

While the mascot at Universal Studios is often a Christmas tree, it’s possible to go nuts for the character’s origin story. Fans of theme parks can become smitten with the lore, which often inspires thousands of t-shirts, tattoos, pins, and other collectibles. In this case, Earl the Squirrel’s origin story is very interesting, and we hope to read more about it in future posts.

Character’s appearance at Universal Studios Florida

The Superstar Parade at Universal Studios Florida features popular characters from the franchise. It’s free to participate, but you’ll have to sign autographs or pose for photos to get one. You can also visit select restaurants where characters appear, including Hard Rock Cafe and Loews Royal Pacific Resort. You can find times of these shows on the Universal Orlando app. In addition, you can get autographs at various locations.

The Islands Dining Room at the Loews Royal Pacific and The Kitchen at Hard Rock Hotel have often been home to these characters. Trattoria del Porto at the Loews Portofino Bay has also hosted these characters. Check with the restaurants to see if you can spot your favorite character there. However, if you plan to watch a character parade, you’ll have to arrive at least an hour before the scheduled time.


Meet-and-greets with the popular holiday character will begin tomorrow at Universal Studios Florida. Known for his jolly, goofy demeanor, Earl the Squirrel has become a favorite holiday character at Universal Orlando Resort. Originally, the mischievous squirrel scurried into Universal Studios Florida’s holiday decor. This six-foot-tall squirrel will be dressed in his festive “I Love Acorns” holiday sweater. Meet-and-greets with this iconic squirrel are only scheduled for certain days in December.

The holiday mascot has become so popular that Universal has placed an Earl the Squirrel toy on its Christmas tree and started selling Earl-themed merchandise. You can now meet the squirrel himself at a meet-and-greet, which are scheduled every Friday and Saturday at Universal Studios Florida. Additionally, the holiday season at Universal will feature special holiday shows and decorations, including the Macy’s holiday parade.


If you’re a fan of the Universal Studios theme park, you’ve probably seen the popular Earl the Squirrel cartoon. This little guy has become an icon, and he’s become available in a variety of merchandise options, from ornaments to holiday decor. You can even purchase a stuffed toy of him! For a mere $60, you can own one of the most adorable squirrels ever.

The official merchandise for Universal Orlando features a variety of products based on the movie, including an Earl the Squirrel adult raglan t-shirt. This t-shirt also features graphics from movies like E.T. and Woody Woodpecker. The t-shirt also features varsity-style stripes and a screen-printed “US” on the chest. Fans of the movie can also find various other items from the park’s shops.

What is Earl’s full name?

Earl the Squirrel

What is Earl’s job?

To protect the forest

Who is Earl’s best friend?

Bucky the Beaver

Where does Earl live?

In a tree in the forest

What is Earl’s favorite food?


What is Earl’s favorite color?


What is Earl’s favorite thing to do?

To play with Bucky the Beaver

What does Earl not like to do?

To be inside

How does Earl get around?

He climbs trees and jumps from branch to branch

Does Earl like humans?

No he is afraid of them

What does Earl think of animals that are not squirrels?

He thinks they are strange

What does Earl think of animals that are not beavers?

He thinks they are strange

What does Earl think of Bucky the Beaver?

He likes him because he is his best friend

What do you think of Earl the Squirrel?

He is a cute and friendly squirrel that loves nature.

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