Who Is Squirrel In Bts

Who is the Squirrel in BTS?who-is-squirrel-in-bts

If you’ve been following the BTS drama, you’ve probably wondered, “Who is the squirrel in BTS?” You’re not alone. The rest of the cast is also curious. In this article, you’ll discover who’s who, and why you should care. You’ll also learn more about Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi, and find out why they’re so adorable.


You’ve probably seen the movie, “Namjoon: The Secret of the Squirrel,” but did you know Namjoon is actually a squirrel? He is an adorable, lovable character in the k-drama. It’s not only cute, but it also reminds us of an actual squirrel. The squirrel, which is also known as Namjoon, is a hybrid between a koala and a gray Koala. He owns a restaurant and bar that is popular among the BTS members, which makes him a perfect fit for Hoseok and Seokjin.

In BTS, Namjoon is the protagonist of the first episode. He is an aspiring painter, but he is also an unreliable ally. His love of painting and his love of animals are a perfect match. They share a common love of animals and a kinship, despite the fact that Namjoon and Seokjin don’t speak Korean. The two men had never been in love before, but it was obvious that the chemistry between them was always there.

In ‘J-Hope,’ Jin has a white Maltese dog, named Jjangu. Sadly, Jisool died in 2018, and Jin and Namjoon have a history of having pets. Other BTS members also have pets: Soonshim is the family dog of V, Jungkook’s childhood pet Gureum is named after the singer’s friend, and Jimin has a black lab named Rap Mon.


A fan of the K-pop boy group, BTS, may be wondering why the squeaky squirrel in their video is called Hoseok. Well, Hoseok is a squirrel hybrid. It was created in BTS’s drama “Fearless” and appeared in a short clip in the film. It ate pumpkins during Halloween and had brown fur and hair. The squirrel was accompanied by a female member of the band, Jungkook. In BTS, Hoseok was a small squirrel hybrid who ate pumpkins. The character is a symbol of the band’s unifying mission and the symbolism of the group.

The character’s name is an allusion. The episode begins with the Hybrid man’s name, but the actor’s identity was never revealed. The hybrid was merely a small, fluffy-tailed mouse. However, a short video later shows the moment in which Hoseok’s illness is revealed. The actor said that the episode will make viewers question whether BTS is a human-animal unit.

It has been speculated that Hoseok was abandoned by his mother when he was a child. As a result, he was sent to an orphanage for 10 years. The incident made him faint, which explains why he faked smiles when he interacts with boys. He was also a fake-smiler when he met Jimin, and the situation changed when the other members of the group took him to the hospital. However, when the truth came out, Hoseok passed out. The video did not mention the cause of his illness, although it hints that he suffers from narcolepsy.


Fans of the boy band may remember BTS’ appearance on a variety show. In one episode, the members are told they’re going on a night safari, but they soon discover that they’re besieged by zombie actors. They have to complete special missions to escape the hordes of zombies while they cook a delicious dinner for the whole family. One member, Jimin, misinterprets the word “carbonara” as “large-morara.” However, the rest of the members are able to correctly guess “carbonara” by listening to the word.

Another member of BTS, Jungkook, is a black rabbit-squirrel hybrid. He works with Jungkook in Namjoon’s bar at night, where he plays music with Jungkook. Unlike the other members, Jungkook isn’t romantically involved with anyone in the group. Previously, there were speculations that Hyung and Yoongi are cousins. However, no one has been able to confirm this fact.

Hyung and Jungkook’s relationship grew closer after Namjoon and Yoongi first met. They are still friends, and Namjoon is the latter’s girlfriend. Namjoon, the other half of BTS, also shares a close relationship with Yoongi. Despite their close friendship, Jungkook and Yoongi have a great deal in common. Yoongi is the best friend of Jungkook, and he loves Namjoon.

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