Who Made Squirrel Snowmobiles

Who Made Squirrel Snowmobiles?who made squirrel snowmobiles

If you’ve ever seen a squirrel in a ski jacket, you’ve probably wondered, “Who made squirrel snowmobiles?” Well, it turns out that they aren’t the only animals into winter sports. Geert Weggen, a Dutch photographer who specializes in animals, has gathered a neighborhood squirrel for some winter games. Using nuts as treats, Weggen made them skis, poles, and snowmobiles, complete with trophies.

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John O

As an adult, John O’Brien was a forestry business owner and a passionate hunter. In the early 1970s, he met Mike Yankowski in a grassy field at UNH, and they soon became friends. After serving in the military in Vietnam, they were a team of hunting partners. They had their own way of hunting, but they were both 100 percent dedicated to their sport. During his time at the university, he was an elder in the Oswego Reformed Presbyterian Church and helped to establish the town’s Crisis Pregnancy Center. Among the many things John did while in college, he was also a devoted father and grandfather, and he volunteered for his town and community. In addition to making squirrel snowmobiles, he also produced three independent feature films. He was the producer of “Man

John O’Brien

As the creator of the famous squirrel snowmobile, John O’Brien made them himself. The squirrel-shaped vehicles are the latest invention of the man who invented them. Born and raised in Queens, NY, John spent his childhood living in Long Island. After high school, he moved to Oswego, NY, where he met and married his wife of 42 years. During his time in the city, John made many movies, including the cult hit, “MAN WITH A PLAN” starring Fred Tuttle.

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