Who Plays Surly Squirrel In The Nut Job

Who Plays Surly Squirrel in the Nut Job?who-plays-surly-squirrel-in-the-nut-job

The nut job is based on the animated short by Peter Lepeniotis. Co-written by Lorne Cameron, the movie boasts some great political subtext. Aside from adorable animated woodland creatures, you’ll also enjoy the Wile E. Coyote explosions, slapstick cartoon comedy, and even some wacky animal stunts. So who plays surly squirrel in the nut job?

Will Arnett

Will Arnett voices the surly squirrel in the second installment of The Nut Job. In this new film, Surly learns the importance of sharing and helps a little girl find her missing nut. It’s an adorable movie about kids and squirrels, and the voice of Will Arnett is a joy to hear. This animated movie is a favorite among young and old alike. Although it’s a little long, it is still worth a watch.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is a standout as the moronic surly squirrel in the nut job, and her wacky character, Surly, is the star of Nutty By Nature. She is an unlikely hero and a favorite of the local animal population. Surly, who is not a tree-hugger, is the manager of the city’s only nut shop, which has been shut down for years. The nut shop is filled with enormous quantities of a variety of nuts, and when the nut shop is closed, the squirrels and other animals are forced to return to Liberty Park to scavenge.

Jeff Dunham

Open Road Films has acquired the U.S. distribution rights for “The Nut Job,” a 3D computer animation comedy starring Will Arnett as surly squirrel. The film is based on the novel “Surly Squirrel,” by Peter Lepeniotis. The film also stars Jeff Dunham, Katherine Heigl, Sebastian Maniscalo, and Brendan Fraser.

James Rankin

Surly is a very interesting character in this movie, and James Rankin, who plays him, does a great job of portraying a lovable surly squirrel. Surly is a cunning thief, and his plan to steal a toy farm from the humans turns out to be successful, but he gets kicked off the farm for destroying the animal food supply. As a result, Surly is banished to the farm, and his friend Buddy decides to follow him. The movie is not without its clumsy humor, however, and there are a few moments that are truly funny.

Jeff Dunham as park leader

The first film in the franchise, “The Nut Job” is based on the Surly Squirrel short story by Mike Lepeniotis, and features Will Arnett, Jeffrey Dunham, and Liam Neeson as the titular squirrel and mute rat, Buddy. These two animals are best friends in the park, and they plan to rob the local bank and get the money. However, the robbery is complicated by the ominous Racoon and his crew of local animals.

Jeff Dunham as Mr. Feng

If you have seen the first “Nut Job,” you know what to expect: a charming groundhog named Jimmy and a kung fu-master mole named Mr. Feng. While the groundhog and his friends aren’t very interesting, the two end up bonding over a shared interest in kung fu. Despite their differences, the two work well together to save the town.

Raccoon as a running gag

In the film “The Nut Job,” Liam Neeson plays a raccoon named Raccoon. The character is a lovable and fascinating creature for Neeson, and in real life, raccoons are not that far from his New York home. As such, he has a very close relationship with these furry creatures. Although Neeson does not speak of his relationship with raccoons, he does share a great affinity with them.

Who plays Surly Squirrel in The Nut Job?

Will Arnett

Who plays Andie in The Nut Job?

Katherine Heigl

Who plays Buddy in The Nut Job?

Rob Schneider

Who plays Precious in The Nut Job?

Maya Rudolph

Who plays Jimmy in The Nut Job?

Brendan Fraser

Who plays Granny in The Nut Job?

Bette Midler

Who plays Raccoon in The Nut Job?

Liam Neeson

Who plays Mole in The Nut Job?

Jeff Dunham

Who plays Vera in The Nut Job?

Sarah Gadon

Who plays Andre in The Nut Job?

Seán Cullen

Who plays Jean in The Nut Job?

Anna Faris

Who plays Franklin in The Nut Job?

Danny Devito

Who plays Jamie in The Nut Job?

Scott McCord

Who plays Ginger in The Nut Job?

Brooklynn Prince

Who plays Pierre in The Nut Job?

Colin Murdock

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