Who Sells The Best Cur Squirrel Dogs

Who Sells the Best Cur Squirrel Dogs?Who Sells The Best Cur Squirrel Dogs

If you’re looking for a Cur, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can find information on Breeders, Hunters, and Stores that sell Cur squirrel dogs. You can also get information about the cost of a cur squirrel dog. Read on to learn more. And be sure to check out the breeder’s reviews to ensure you’re getting the best dog possible. You’ll be glad you did!


Although cur and feist squirrel dogs share the same origin, they have different characteristics. Curs tend to range further and use their eyesight and ears to hunt. Feists are generally smaller, but both are excellent treeing dogs. If you plan to hunt with your dog, it is best to choose a reputable breeder with a proven line. Breeders of cur squirrel dogs have proven tree dog lines, and their dogs are highly trained and loyal to their owners.

Mountain Curs are famous for their hunting abilities. They are NKC and OMCBA registered. Breeders often have litters, but they may require a waiting list. They ask potential puppy owners if they are ready to take on the responsibility of raising a pup. These dogs make excellent hunting companions. Breeders of cur squirrel dogs should be familiar with these characteristics and how to identify them. Breeders of cur squirrel dogs should also have knowledge of the behavior of cur squirrels.


If you are in the market for a new squirrel dog, you’ve come to the right place. Spencer trains these dogs for a variety of purposes. While they start out as puppies, they will mature into working dogs within a month. During this training period, a squirrel dog will develop a friendly temperament and a strong focus on chasing squirrels. Despite their small stature, Spencer dogs have an excellent disposition and are easy to train.

Curs are not derogatory and have been bred for their ability to hunt since colonial times. The modern cur is larger and ranges farther than the fiest. Good curs use their eyes, ears, and nose to locate their prey. They also have bigger noses than fiests. Some fiest dog enthusiasts disagree with this comparison, while others say both breeds are superior for squirrel hunting.

Stores that sell cur squirrel dogs

The “cur” is not a derogatory term. It comes from the medieval practice of docking a dog’s tail. During the Middle Ages, only the aristocracy could own the hounds. However, peasants depended on these versatile workday mutts, and they paid taxes according to the length of their dog’s tail. By the 20th century, mountain curs were an established breed.

The original mountain cur is a national treasure and an American classic. It was bred in the mountains of Georgia, Kentucky, and the Carolinas. It was tempered in the fires of the eastern frontier, and today it survives as a faithful companion. Stores that sell cur squirrel dogs are becoming a common sight in the United States, and more foreign countries are introducing this fun sport to the public.

The cur dog is much larger than the feist, and its range is considerably greater. The feist, on the other hand, is smaller and better suited for a small wooded area. Both cur and feist are known for their high-prey drive and are excellent tree-hunting dogs. Stores that sell cur squirrel dogs will typically carry a selection of both breeds.

Cost of a cur squirrel dog

Compared to other dogs, a cur squirrel dog requires very little upkeep. They do not require baths very often, about twice a year. Mountain Curs do need to be bathed if they get really dirty. They can also be easily cleaned using doggy wipes and spray. The average cost of a cur squirrel dog is around $800. Unlike other dogs, they do need a large yard and home. They are not recommended for households with small children or other pets.

Cur dogs are highly intelligent, loyal, and sensitive dogs. They form close bonds with their owners after only a short time. While each cur squirrel dog has the same general temperament, the differences in traits are very distinct. If you do not want a squirrel dog, a fiest might be a better option. There are several different types of cur, including the mountain cur, the Kemmer cur, the Stephens curl, and the Tennessee brindle.

Who sells the best cur squirrel dogs?

The person who sells the best cur squirrel dogs is the person who has the best dogs.

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