Who To Call To Take A Baby Squirrel

Who to Call to Take a Baby Squirrel Home Who To Call To Take A Baby Squirrel

If you find a baby squirrel in your yard, you may be wondering who to call to rescue it. After all, the baby squirrel may not survive the night on the ground if you leave it alone. However, there are many organizations that can help you rescue your baby. Here are some options:

Animal Rehabilitators Alliance

A baby squirrel may be crying, but that doesn’t mean that it’s orphaned. It could just be out of its nest or have been attacked by another animal. The mother squirrel is probably dead, and the baby has been frightened or harmed. In such cases, a rescue organization like Animal Rehabilitators Alliance can help. However, before you take a baby squirrel to an organization, you should know some facts first.

A baby squirrel is nearly full-sized and has a full-fledged tail. It’s not yet fully mobile, but it’s still able to run, jump, and climb. It’s also extremely independent. In short, it’s a perfect candidate for adoption. The next step is finding a wildlife rehabilitator to take the baby squirrel. Here’s how:

Garden State Wildlife Rehabilitators Co-op

It is springtime, and Joanne Dreeben’s phone starts ringing. Neighbors call to report baby squirrels in attics. Calls also come from people concerned about rabbits and deer nicked by lawn mowers. Even worse, she receives calls about raccoons and foxes, who want to adopt the animals as pets. Whether it’s a baby squirrel or a large predator, wildlife rehabilitators are ready to help.

When rescuing baby squirrels, you should first consult with a wildlife rehabilitator. You can find many helpful resources online. The ideal outcome would be to return the baby squirrel to its mother. If that’s not possible, you can contact a wildlife rehabilitator to take care of the animal, and then reintroduce it back to the wild.

Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center of Orange County

If you’re in the area, consider visiting the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center of Orange Country to take a baby squirrel home. The facility expects to welcome more squirrel babies this year, and volunteers there are always on the lookout for new additions. The program for abandoned wildlife typically ends in October. Volunteers can help by fostering the babies and rehabilitating them for release into the wild.

First of all, always keep in mind the dangers of rescuing a small animal, especially a squirrel. Squirrels have powerful teeth and sharp claws, and they can be a vector for disease. Always use your strongest gloves, such as oven mitts, when transporting an animal. Make sure the animal is warm and comfortable. A cardboard box is the ideal container for a squirrel, and a box should have air holes and warm items underneath.

Wild Baby Rescue

When it comes to saving a baby squirrel, it is important to avoid disturbing the mother or the squirrel. A baby squirrel is a tiny, independent creature, which means that removing it from its natural environment can cause more harm than good. It may be pink and crying, or it may have fallen out of its nest. You may have to remove the mother squirrel from the area and relocate the baby to a different location. A mother squirrel may be dead or have been attacked by another animal. Often, the mother squirrel has also been removed and the baby has been left in an unsafe place. It is best to contact a Wildlife Rescue organization to help a baby squirrel.

Whenever you find a baby squirrel, be sure to wear gloves and keep it warm. Place the squirrel in a box with ventilation holes, lined with newspaper or a towel. Do not give it water or food; doing so could cause more harm than good. If you are unsure about the temperature of the water, test it beforehand and then cover it with a sock. The baby squirrel will be comfortable in a warm environment and will be more likely to survive.

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