Who Would Win One Squirrel Boi

Who Would Win One Squirrel Boi? who-would-win-one-squirrel-boi

If students at the University of California at Berkeley had their say, who would win one squirrel’s seat in the United States Senate? The candidate was known as Furry Boi and masked as a human named Stephen Boyle. Stephen credits the endorsement of a Facebook meme page to his success in the Senate race. But who would win the election? Whether he should be named Stephen Boyle or not is another matter.

Stephen Boyle

The Associated Students of University of California (ASUC) Student Senate recently elected a squirrel as a student senator. Boyle is known as the Furry Boi, and he ran for the office dressed as a squirrel. He plans to push for changes to the university’s policies regarding environmental issues and disabilities, and he plans to ditch the squirrel suit when elected. But does the election mean that Boyle’s squirrel outfit is a waste of time?

A Facebook campaign featuring a furry squirrel called “Senator Furry Boi” was launched by Boyle to promote his candidacy as a student senator. Boyle wore a squirrel suit to campaign, and he created stickers based on the original meme. He also set up a public Facebook page, detailing his policy platform. His goals were to advocate for environmental conservation, better school spirit, and mental health care for all students.

Scaredy Squirrel

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Grandpa Squirrel

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A group of UC Berkeley students voted for a squirrel to run for the ASUC Senate. The squirrel is named “Furry Boi” and lives in Berkeley’s Eucalyptus Grove. The Facebook page, Memes for Edgy Teens, has endorsed the candidate. While he finished in the top 10 of the election, Boi also ran as a satirical candidate. A campus sophomore filed for him as a proxy, and in a Facebook post, he revealed his platform.

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Which animal could beat a squirrel in a fight?

A larger animal such as a bear or a human.

What if the squirrel had a weapon?

If the squirrel had a weapon it could possibly win against a larger animal depending on the weapon.

What if there were two squirrels?

If there were two squirrels they would most likely work together to defeat a larger animal.

What if the squirrel was sick?

If the squirrel was sick it would be at a disadvantage and might lose to a larger animal.

What if the larger animal was sick?

If the larger animal was sick the squirrel would have a better chance of winning.

What if the squirrel was fighting a smaller animal?

The squirrel would most likely win against a smaller animal.

What if the squirrel was fighting another squirrel?

If the squirrel was fighting another squirrel it would depend on their size strength and fighting skills.

What if the squirrel was fighting a baby animal?

The squirrel would most likely win against a baby animal.

What if the squirrel was fighting an elderly animal?

The squirrel would most likely win against an elderly animal.

What if the squirrel was fighting a animal that was injured?

The squirrel would most likely win against an animal that was injured.

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