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Why a Squirrel Needs a Homewhy a squirrel house

If you’ve been wondering why a squirrel needs a home, consider building a squirrel house. While you don’t need exact measurements, it helps to make the front board an inch shorter than the backboard. You can use a measuring tape to mark 18″ on one board, and 17″ on the other. Then, you can cut along the lines. Make sure to get a good cut, not just a quick one.

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If you want to attract a squirrel to your yard, consider purchasing a nesting box. These homes are designed specifically for squirrels and feature a predator-proof top platform. You can easily clean them when the squirrels leave. Compared to other wood boxes, these houses are durable and recyclable. And they’ll last much longer than typical wood boxes. Listed below are some tips for choosing the right nesting box.

Choose wood or untreated cedar for the body of the house. Be sure to use screws instead of nails when attaching the pieces together. Make sure the front board is an inch shorter than the back panel, and the sides should be about 3 inches wide. Once you have a wood plank, measure three inches from the sideboard’s edge. Cut the planks at these points so that the tops are slanted.


This hard pine squirrel house includes nesting material, mounting instructions, and fixtures. Designed by veterans for the most successful nesting and winter protection for squirrels, this box is functional, sturdy, and attractive. The burnt wood appearance doesn’t harm the squirrels’ delicate teeth, and there’s plenty of room for two littermates. Whether you’re looking to house wild animals or you’re just trying to attract attention, the Coveside squirrel house will help you achieve both.

The sturdy, weather-resistant design makes it ideal for homes near trees or in shady areas. Its construction is also predator-resistant. This squirrel house is more expensive than similar wooden boxes, but it will last longer and will keep squirrels out. It’s best to position the entry hole to the south or east, away from the prevailing wind direction. The Coveside squirrel house includes nine mounting screws, so it’s easy to install without a professional’s help.


The Chuck-a-nut squirrel condo is an ideal squirrel home. Handcrafted in the USA from sturdy, rustic unfinished cedar, it is made for durability and safety. Its side entrance is easy to remove and install, and the home has a movable top for convenient squirrel access. It can also serve as a feeder for your backyard squirrels. The best placement for this squirrel condo is ten feet above the ground and on a tree or pole.

If you’re considering purchasing a squirrel house, the early fall is the best time. In early fall, young squirrels begin building nests and will leave Momma’s nest to go hunting. Once they leave the nest, Daddy will come back home and create a new one. Regardless of whether you choose a nest box or a squirrel condo, keep in mind that squirrels use them for most of the winter.


JCs Wildlife has created the Ultimate Squirrel House, made from recycled Poly Lumber and fully routed edges. These durable materials will never split, fade, chip, or splinter. The predator guard and multi-tier platforms prevent a predator from getting into the house. You can install this house anywhere in your backyard. If you want to attract more squirrels to your yard, you can choose from several different styles.

The Ultimate Squirrel House is a sturdy structure that will withstand many harsh elements. Its construction includes recycled poly lumber, fully routed edges, and a predator guard. The house is designed to be highly durable and is made in the USA. Its sturdy design is durable and resistant to rust. You can even purchase one online. The Ultimate Squirrel House will add beauty to your property, and attract more of your favorite wildlife.

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