Why Does Rupaul Say Squirrel Friends

Why Does RuPaul Say “You Country Breakfast is Ready!” Or “You Sashay Away?”why-does-rupaul-say-squirrel-friends

RuPaul’s Drag Race is the quintessential queer reality TV show, and the terms and phrases used on the show are legendary. You might wonder why he says “You country breakfast is ready!” or “you sashay away.” Here are some theories. It could be because squirrels have a close bond with the nuts they hide. In any case, it’s an interesting question, and the answer will be revealed in this article.

RuPaul says squirrel friends because they hide their nuts

The term “squirrel friends” is synonymous with the queer reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. This term has come to symbolize the quirkiness of drag queens, which has also inspired some satirical memes. RuPaul refers to contestants as “squirrel friends,” and says that they’re no different than the nut-hiding squirrels in the show’s title.

RuPaul says sashay away because they have a strong bond with a nut

Fans of the queer reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” may be surprised to learn that the name of one of the contestants is actually a slang term for a female squirrel. The term is a play on words from feminist academics, and is a diminutive form of the word “biscuit.” Despite its meaning, the term is used to refer to a naughty squirrel who tries to get a nut from her.

RuPaul’s “You country breakfast is ready” catchphrase

The catchphrase originated in a fast food restaurant, where Ru picked it up from a worker who noticed that someone was trying to take a phone order and answered with, “Uh-uh, Na-Na-Na!” The phrase has since been used by Ru to send queens packing. It also has two other meanings, the first of which is a play on the word “nice to meet you.”

Why does Rupaul say “squirrel friends?

Answer: As a way to show endearment towards someone Rupaul often uses the term “squirrel friends.

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