Why Does Suave Have A Squirrel On Its Packaging

Why Does Suave Have a Squirrel on Its Packaging? why-does-suave-have-a-squirrel-on-its-packaging

You might wonder why does Suave put a squirrel on its packaging. Well, it is to give the customer a premium experience, but that’s not the only reason. The squirrel also plays a role in the design, so you can tell that it’s based on the animal itself. Suave also wants to convey the idea that they have quality and value at affordable prices.

Suave’s packaging is designed to offer the customer a premium experience

A new design for Suave’s packaging reflects its premium experience for consumers and lowers costs. The company also sought to tap into larger cultural trends by leveraging “co-creators” such as Temitope Adesina and Charlize Glass to build a brand culture that reflects the lifestyles and tastes of African American consumers. In February, Suave activated the Natural Hair Trust, featuring artists Enocha Tellus, Temitope Adesina, and Charlize Glass.

When redesigning the bottle design for Suave, Unilever took into account the smart consumer who values quality design. By replacing a cylinder bottle with a rounded one, maximum filling efficiency was achieved. A curved neck and waist area gives the bottle a more feminine hourglass shape, making it easier to grasp by consumers. The bottle design evokes the sensuality of women and is aesthetically pleasing.

The company also worked with Smith Design to name the new line of the Suave Kids line. The “Purely Fun” identity, for example, offers a watercolor-effect that evokes transparency. The colorway also ties in with the established segmentation of the Suave Kids line. The floating bubbles on the bottle carry the benefits of the product. The overall package is both playful and reminiscent of simpler qualities for moms and unabashed fun for kids.

It is inspired by squirrels

The film Squirrels to the Nuts features a rap version of Frankie Suave, an evil sentry who stalks tree rats and rodents with a sly, subversive approach. In addition to being inspired by squirrels, this film also features a cameo appearance from the “secret squirrel” himself, played by Kath Soucie. Squirrels to the Nuts premiered in New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2022. Among the other films in the series are the theatrical releases of Saint Jack and The Thing Called Love.

Squirrels have always had a place in pop culture, and there’s no shortage of entertainment based on them. Many comic books and movies have featured secret agents, such as the Secret Squirrel. In the 1970s, Secret Squirrel was a parody of the spy genre, with many episodes parodying the James Bond movies. Often referred to as Agent 000, the secret squirrel was a popular comic book character. The series ended with an episode that starred Squirrels, but the sequels are a bit different.

What inspired Suave to put a squirrel on their packaging?

The idea for the squirrel came from one of the company’s advertising agency’s employees.

The original concept was to have a little girl feeding a squirrel but the agency thought it might be too cute.

Why did they choose a squirrel specifically?

The agency thought that a squirrel was the perfect creature to show off the company’s playfulness while also being a creature known for being thrifty – which they thought was a perfect representation of the company’s values.

What was the reaction to the original packaging?

The reaction to the packaging was mixed – some people loved it while others found it to be a little too busy.

What changes were made to the packaging after the initial launch?

After the initial launch the company decided to simplify the packaging and make the squirrel the focus.

Why is the squirrel important to the company?

The squirrel is important to the company because it represents their values of being thrifty and playful.

What does the squirrel represent?

See question 5.

How long has the squirrel been on the packaging?

The squirrel has been on the packaging since the early 1990s.

Was the squirrel always the focus of the packaging?

No see question 4.

How often is the packaging updated?

The packaging is updated every few years but the squirrel has remained the focus.

What other animals have been considered for the packaging?

Over the years the company has considered using other animals but always come back to the squirrel.

Why did they stick with the squirrel?

See question 5.

Is the same squirrel used on the packaging today as when it first debuted?

No the squirrel has been updated over the years to keep up with current design trends.

How many different squirrels have been used on the packaging?

Over the years there have been dozens of different squirrels used on the packaging.

What other creatures have been considered for the packaging?

In addition to other animals the company has also considered using other creatures such as birds and insects.

Why does Suave continue to use a squirrel on their packaging?

The squirrel is an important part of the company’s history and represents their values.

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