Why Is House_owner A Squirrel Now

Why is House_Owner a Squirrel Now?

Recently, Ross Botsford, a gaming YouTuber, has renamed his channel from House_Owner to Couch Potatoes. The rebranding was spurred by his upcoming character JinBop. Apparently, his new character is actually a squirrel! If this is the case, how do you get the channel back on track? Here are a few ideas. 1. Rename it to something else.

Ross’s channel House_Owner was renamed to Couch Potatoes

A Minecraft gaming group that was founded by Deadlox was renamed to Couch Potatoe. In November 2014, he announced his intention to leave the group and continue his YouTube career. His new channel was named YourPalRoss, and he has since been working on various projects. He also sings his signature song “New World”, which was written by Philip Jose Farmer. While working on this project, Ross met fellow YouTubers on various platforms including Skyzy and Dartron, and began a new career as a video editor.

Ross Botsford was born on July 15, 1996. He is best known on YouTube as YourPalRoss, but was previously known as House_Owner. He joined YouTube on March 18, 2012, and was part of SkyMedia until May 2016. The YouTuber Intro Challenge was an opportunity for aspiring video creators to create a memorable introductory video, and Ross’s video was featured among 32 other YouTubers. Despite the change in channel name, Ross still retains his House_Owner name.

Ross Botsford is an American gaming YouTuber

One of the most popular gamer channels on YouTube is YourPalRoss. However, you might not know that this popular gamer is a real person. He grew up with a cat named KP. His YouTube channel has over 247k subscribers. In addition, he also streams live games on Twitch. Learn more about this American gaming YouTuber. Read on to learn more about his biography.

Born in the United States, Ross Botsford is also known as YourPalRoss. He is a social media influencer and runs a gaming channel. Born on July 15, 1996, he is of British descent and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. He also has a cat named Kitty Purry. His cousin, Shubble, is a famous Youtuber. He does not reveal his educational background on his YouTube channel.

His videos have over 946k views. He used to live in New York. He once made a Minecraft mini-game called “Pink Men Slappin’ on Each Other.” His videos about gaming are often humorous and contain hilarious moments. His videos are a source of revenue for his channel. Although his channel is not large, his popularity has grown to become a thriving business. The following is a list of his most popular videos:

JinBop is a squirrel

The video game YouTuber, JinBop, was arrested last month by federal investigators. His plight was made public in a series of comments. He had previously dated other men and was a “house_owner” for his ex-wife, Alesa. But after his arrest, his life changed drastically. He was forced to work sixteen-hour days and had to fight for custody of his child. He now runs a YouTube channel and social media accounts that help people keep up with his latest adventures.

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