Why Is Jhope A Squirrel

InSeong and Hoseok Are Similar to Squirrels why-is-jhope-a-squirrel

You may have noticed that InSeong and Hoseok are both similar to squirrels. If you haven’t noticed yet, here’s a quick explanation of how the two resemble each other. You might also like: InSeong has a baby face and Hoseok’s dog looks like a Gucci boy. This may explain why the two look so alike! Let’s find out what’s so special about these two!


Inseong is a graduate student in the field of hybrid studies, and he is the mastermind behind several magical potions. Despite causing confusion in Youngbin’s life, she agrees to test the potion before a swordsmanship competition. After drinking the potion, Youngbin loses focus in the duels, and Inseong decides to help him recover. As a result, Youngbin is drawn to Inseong. Meanwhile, he dresses up as a ‘hyungnim’ to help Youngbin meet a new man, which brings them closer.

Fans have made JiUng, another squirrel idol, a star in his own right. JiUng, who is a cousin of Han, has recently debuted on the K-pop scene. His charming appearance and bright personality have already caught the attention of fans. His sling bag has even attracted a lot of attention among fans. Moreover, fans have joked that JiUng uses it to carry acorns.

InSeong resembles a squirrel

FNC Entertainment recently debuted their new project P1Harmony. Before the launch, the group held a fan showcase. Both SF9’s InSeong and CNBLUE’s JiUng attended. While the two idols shared stage time, fans spotted a striking resemblance between the two. After the show, fans started commenting on how much the two idols resembled each other.

Hoseok resembles a squirrel

The fictional character of Hoseok resembles a squirrel. He was first born blind, and he is often confused as to why he is so reminiscent of a squirrel. However, he has come to be identified as an adorable character who has been adapted to his new surroundings. In the first episode of the series, he is shown to be a squirrel with brown fur, and he is also a member of the gang called the Super Senshi.

He has a distinctive face, with pronounced cheekbones and a large fluffy tail, similar to that of a squirrel. He is shy and fidgety, but when he is comfortable, he can be quite vocal. The second episode introduces a new character based on a squirrel – JiUng. The actor is the cousin of Han, and his appearance has made him a popular idol in his own right.

Hoseok’s dog is a Gucci boy

Hoseok’s pet dog Mickey is a white and brown “Shih Tzu.” He lives with J-Hope’s parents and sister. While Mickey is a cute dog, he’s rarely seen with J-Hope. He’s also the only dog that Hoseok owns, and as such, is a guard dog for Hoseok. Hoseok has adopted the dog after a kidnapping in which his sister, Yoongi, was beaten up by a group of robbers.

Hoseok’s physiognomy of a squirrel

The physiognomy of Hoseok as a squirrel is an interesting one. He has lived as a human for 26 years, but his appearance is reminiscent of a squirrel. Squirrels have a very pure, curious, and cheerful face. Their voices are also very clear and gentle, making them a good choice for an animal with a similar voice quality. The physiognomy of Hoseok as a squirrel is a fascinating concept, especially in light of the ambiguous nature of human faces.

What is Jhope’s real name?

Jung Hoseok

Where is Jhope from?

Gwangju South Korea

When is Jhope’s birthday?

February 18th 1994

Jhope is a part of which boy group?


What is Jhope’s position in BTS?

Lead rapper sub vocalist and dancer

Jhope has how many mixtapes?


What is Jhope’s stage name derived from?

His hope to spread good energy and positivity

Who are some of Jhope’s close friends in the industry?

He is close with the members of BTS especially Suga and RM.

He is also close with GOT7’s JB and Mark.

What was Jhope’s first solo track?


What is Jhope’s favorite color?


What is Jhope’s favorite food?

Hongsoo muchim (a type of Korean dish made with noodles and vegetables)

What is Jhope’s favorite animal?


What is Jhope’s favorite hobby?

Listening to music and playing games

What is Jhope’s blood type?


What is Jhope’s height?

5’10” (178 cm)

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