Why Is Squirrel Digging In Plants

Why is My Squirrel Digging in Plants? Why Is Squirrel Digging In Plants

Are you wondering why your squirrel keeps digging in your plants? It might be because of the bulbs in your flowerbeds. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to protect your plants. Place a one-inch-mesh chicken wire over or below your bulbs to keep them out of reach. Make sure to remove any debris left behind, and clean the soil and bulbs well. Don’t lay bulbs out on the ground either, as they will be a magnet for squirrels and will dig holes in them.

Bone meal

If you’re wondering why squirrels dig in bone meal, you’re not alone. Many other people are too. It turns out that bone meal has a strong blood-like smell. It’s also a natural fertilizer that provides nutrients to the soil. In addition, it’s a great deterrent to rodents. However, it is important to use it sparingly. Bone meal does have a few disadvantages.

Fish emulsion

You can discourage squirrels by spraying your garden with cayenne pepper and fish emulsion. Both of these compounds contain strong scents that attract squirrels, but they do not affect birds. Fish emulsion is highly nutritious for plants, but use it sparingly to prevent overfeeding. Use a half-ounce of fish emulsion in one gallon of water.


If you have ever wondered why squirrels dig in your garlic, you’re not alone. The common answer is that they’re attracted to its strong smell. It’s also hard for them to stand. You’ll be able to repel them by planting garlic in areas that they frequently visit. Moreover, they won’t eat the garlic cloves, as their sense of smell is strong. Here are some more ways to fend off the rodents:

Human hair

Squirrels are very sensitive to human hair scent and will go into a panic mode when they smell it. The scent of human hair will be lessen over time, so sprinkle a few strands in your garden and monitor their activity. If you don’t see them digging in your plants, try another repellent, such as garlic or hot sauce sprinkled on the ground. In any case, human hair will repel squirrels for a few days.

Natural fertilizers

You can discourage squirrels from digging in your plants by planting some deterrent flowers. These flowers are edible to them, and can include daffodils, Sweet William, irises, and galanthus. If you have trouble keeping the squirrels away, consider planting mint, a variety that can take over the entire garden if left unchecked. Lastly, if you have trouble with the squirrels chewing on your leaves or gnawing on your leaves, try putting a scent repellent on them.

Half-eaten daisies

Squirrels enjoy eating plants and flowers, and daisies are especially tasty. They also eat the petals and center disks of other flowers. When a flower has half or all of its petals, it is likely that a squirrel has ripped it open. To keep squirrels from eating your flowers, place mothballs in your flower pots. Mothballs contain a smell that squirrels hate, so they will not be attracted to them.

Natural deterrents

You can try some natural deterrents to squirrel digging in plants to prevent your garden from becoming overrun by these furry creatures. Some plants that can be sprayed with hot pepper solutions are effective deterrents, but make sure you use protective gear and don’t spray in windy weather. Alternatively, you can also use essential oils of plants that squirrels find unpleasant. You can soak cotton balls in these essential oils and place them in planters and shallow trays around your garden. You can also try commercial deterrents that use essential oils as a component in their formulas. Just remember to keep them away from plants, however, to avoid any damage.

Reducing attractiveness to squirrels

Listed below are some ideas for reducing the attractiveness of plants to squirrels. First, you should try to understand what squirrels like and dislike. That way, you can modify your plant choices accordingly. For example, daffodils don’t appeal to squirrels, but tulip bulbs do. Therefore, you should plant daffodils with other types of bulbs to disguise their scent.

How do squirrels benefit from digging in plants?

Squirrels often times find insects grubs and other small animals to eat when they are digging in plants.

Do all squirrels dig in plants?

No not all squirrels engage in this behavior.

However it is more common in Squirrels that live in North America.

What types of plants do squirrels typically dig in?

Squirrels dig in a variety of plants but prefer those that are soft and easy to dig into.

What time of year do squirrels dig in plants the most?

Squirrels typically dig in plants more during the spring and summer months.

How often do squirrels dig in plants?

This behavior varies from squirrel to squirrel but some have been observed to dig in plants multiple times a day.

How long do squirrels spend digging in plants?

Again this varies from squirrel to squirrel but some have been observed to spend up to an hour at a time digging in plants.

What do squirrels do with the plants they dig up?

Once a squirrel has unearthed a plant it will typically either eat it or cache it for later consumption.

Where do squirrels typically cache the plants they dig up?

Squirrels will often times cache the plants they dig up in their nest or in another nearby location.

Do squirrels only dig up plants?

No squirrels also dig up soil in search of food.

They have been known to dig up both plants and soil in their search for food.

How deep do squirrels typically dig?

Squirrels typically dig shallow holes that are only a few inches deep.

What do squirrels use to dig?

Squirrels use their front paws and claws to dig.

Do other animals engage in this behavior?

Yes a variety of other animals have been observed to dig in plants including rabbits rodents and even some birds.

Why do some animals dig in plants?

Animals dig in plants for a variety of reasons including finding food building nests and providing shelter.

Do all animals that dig in plants do so for the same reason?

No different animals engage in this behavior for different reasons.

Can this behavior be harmful to plants?

Yes if done excessively this behavior can damage or kill plants.

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