Why Is Squirrel Purple In Nut Job

Why is a Squirrel Purple in a Nut Job Movie?why-is-squirrel-purple-in-nut-job

You’ve probably seen the infamous Surly nut shop in nut job, but do you know why Surly is purple? It might surprise you. Or perhaps you don’t. In that case, this article will help you to answer that question. Read on to learn more about Surly’s mysterious past and his nut-job obsession. After all, he’s not the only purple squirrel in nut job, is he?


You might be wondering, why is a squirrel purple in a nut job movie? The answer may surprise you. The movie tells the story of Surly, a purple squirrel. Surly and his human gang plan to rob a bank across the street, and together they come up with several clever schemes, including raiding a nut store. The nut store serves as the front for the human gang’s bank robbery.

Surly is a self-centred purple squirrel, who dreams of stealing nuts and power from a bank robber’s stash house. In his lair, he hatches a plan with his pal Buddy. Surly is surprised to find out that Buddy is still alive and well, and he embraces him. In this way, Surly learns how important friendship is. But he also learns that life is not always a nut job, and he is not destined to be an unlucky thief.

Maury’s Nut Shop

In the movie “Ratatouille,” a rat named Andie discovers a mysterious shop known as Maury’s Nut Shop. The shop’s walls are lined with tempting treats, and it turns out that it’s actually a front for a group of mobsters. However, the squirrels don’t know that the shop’s owner is actually a gangster.

The plot of “The Nut Job” is centered around a self-centred, purple squirrel named Surly. Surly hatches a plan to steal the nut store’s nuts, but his plan fails miserably. Eventually, he gets entangled in a heist-driven plot. The movie fails to take its own logic into consideration and instead becomes a frightful, confusing mess.

Cookie addiction

In The Nut Job, a purple squirrel named Surly is the main character. His other distinguishing features are brown eyes, cream fur on his chest, and some marks around his neck. Surly’s nose is black, although he used to be pink. The first film introduced Surly as a self-absorbed, bossy, and inconsiderate creature, but he soon came to appreciate the value of friendship and caring for his friends.

As the title suggests, the movie revolves around a robbery. After finding the ultimate score in a nut store, Surly and Buddy are faced with another heist – this time of an adjacent bank. They must devise a strategy, deal with unexpected events, and solve the puzzle of how to get the robbery cash. But what do these two squirrels have in common?

Guard dog

In the first installment of the Nut Job franchise, the main character, Surly, is a purple squirrel. Surly has brown eyes, cream fur for his chest and marks on his neck and a black nose. Surly has a pink nose when he was younger, but is now black. Surly is unlikable and bossy in the first film, but he soon learns that his friends are more important than his own life.

Surly is initially a grouchy, obstinate squirrel, but soon develops a more accepting personality and shares an after-school lesson with the rat. Despite the grouchy tone of the film, “The Nut Job” is a sweet and heartwarming movie. There are a growing number of movies aimed at children that are also appropriate for adults. While the first two films focused on a family-friendly theme, “The Nut Job” follows a different set of principles.

Moral of the story

“The Nut Job” is a family-oriented animated film that follows the adventures of a group of woodland creatures in a city park. Despite their desperate need for food and shelter, they must endure the cold winter months, and the greedy, self-centered Surly (Will Arnett) is their chief cause of concern. Surly’s resiliency and love of his friends is tested when he is attacked by a rogue boiler valve.

The film is based on the classic children’s book and focuses on colorful kids and intense scenes. It is much closer to the storyline of the book than its cinematic predecessor. For the film, 40 live, trained squirrels were used to crack nuts. The movie was rated for audiences eight and older, and Common Sense Media gave it four stars. The story is a fun take on the Italian Job.

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