Why Is The Gray Squirrel Kentucky State Animal

Why is the Gray Squirrel the State Animal of Kentucky?why-is-the-gray-squirrel-kentucky-state-animal

The gray squirrel is one of the few mammals that does not hibernate, so the question of why is it the state animal of Kentucky is somewhat complex. The gray squirrel migrates from its summer nest to its winter den to gather nuts. The gray squirrel is frequently killed by domestic animals, including cats and dogs, so the state of Kentucky has strict laws to protect them. However, there is a good reason why the gray squirrel is the state animal of Kentucky: it’s an important part of the local ecosystem.

Flying squirrels

Southern flying squirrels are the smallest tree squirrels in the state and weigh just eight ounces. They have long, flat tails and a large, gray-brown fur covering their body. Their homing abilities are second to none. They can glide from tree to tree for more than 250 feet! This makes them Kentucky’s official state animal! Flying squirrels can be seen across the entire state!

A southern flying squirrel is a rare breed, and the state of Kentucky has declared it as the official state animal. This species can be difficult to tame, so it is best to find a reputable breeder to purchase a pet. Southern flying squirrels are not easily tamed and need a lot of time, attention, and financial resources. Cats can also hurt them if they are not taken care of properly, so it is best to get one from a sanctuary.

Eastern gray squirrels

The eastern gray squirrel is an animal of the forest. Its favorite food is nuts. As winter approaches, the gray squirrel hides food in various locations. They store more food than they can consume, so they can survive winter without hunting. In spring, they feed on grasshoppers and locusts. Kentucky is a state that supports these squirrels. Listed below are some facts about them. While they may be small and inconspicuous, they are highly visible all year long.

Female eastern gray squirrels enter estrus as young as five and a half months old. They are not usually fertile until one year old, but fertile males can induce ovulation in females while they are in estrus. Male eastern grays reach sexual maturity between one and two years of age. Female eastern grays are capable of having litters twice a year. Female eastern grays collect twigs and leaves to make nests. They also make use of tree cavities to make nests.

Red-headed cardinal

Did you know the gray squirrel is the official state animal of Kentucky? It’s no surprise, considering this squirrel is the official state wild game species of the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Game and Fish Commission proclaimed the gray squirrel as the state animal on June 13, 1968. The gray squirrel is a native of the midwestern and eastern United States and southern portions of eastern Canada. Here are some facts about this beautiful animal. Read on to learn more about this beautiful animal and its significance to Kentucky.

This species is widely distributed in Kentucky, and may be found in every county of the state. Their range stretches from Florida to southern Canada, and west to the Great Plains. While their diet is largely composed of nuts and seeds, gray squirrels also eat tree buds, bark, fruit, and insects. During the autumn, these animals “scatter hoard” nuts. This act creates a temporary cache of food and also helps the state’s reforestation efforts.

Northern cardinal

While the state flower of Kentucky is the cherry blossom, the two animal species that make the state’s official emblem are the grey squirrel and the northern cardinal. Both are found throughout the state. However, the northern cardinal is the state bird of seven states. Its eggs are the largest in the world, measuring 5 inches across and weighing over three pounds. The gray squirrel is the state animal of six states, including Kentucky.

The cardinal is the state bird of Kentucky. Its name is also the state flower. The cardinal is the state bird of most states. Kentucky is home to the eastern gray squirrel, which is a problem in other regions of the country. This invasive species is out-competing native squirrels and dislodging the native Eurasian Red Squirrel. Despite its widespread impact, Kentucky has managed to protect its native species and has adopted them as state symbols.

Flying squirrel

The flyin’ squirrel is a state animal of Kentucky. It is also known as the Eastern gray squirrel. The state mammal of Kentucky, the flyin’ squirrel resides in the hardwood forests of the Bluegrass region. John Pollpeter, lead naturalist at the Land Between the Lakes’ Woodlands Nature Station, has a few tips for hunting the squirrel. One tip is to mimic feeding chatter with a coin. Then, carefully clean the animal, minimizing the amount of hair on the meat.

The state of Kentucky has three species of tree squirrels, the Eastern Gray Squirrel, the Northern Fox Squirrel, and the Flying Squirrel. The grays are brownish in color, but are occasionally spotted with white or orange. They are scattered-hoarders, but are prone to nest in trees. The scientific name, Sciurus carolinensis, was given to the species in the Carolinas because of the spiky tail.

What year was the gray squirrel declared the official state animal of Kentucky?


How many subspecies of gray squirrel are there?


What do gray squirrels eat?

mostly nuts and seeds but also fruits buds and insects.

How long do gray squirrels live?

up to 10 years in the wild but often only 2-3 years

Where do gray squirrels live?

throughout the eastern United States southern Canada and parts of Mexico

What is the average weight of a gray squirrel?

10-12 ounces

What is the average length of a gray squirrel?

16-20 inches with a tail length of 5-9 inches

What is the top speed of a gray squirrel?

20 mph

Are gray squirrels diurnal or nocturnal?


What is the gestation period of a gray squirrel?

38-45 days

How many young does a gray squirrel typically have?

2-5 but usually 3

When are gray squirrels born?

between late winter and early spring

How long does it take for a gray squirrel to reach sexual maturity?

8-10 months

Do gray squirrels mate for life?

no they do not

What is the primary predator of the gray squirrel?

the Cooper’s hawk

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