Why You Should Not Feed The Squirrel Babies

Why You Should Not Feed the Squirrel BabiesWhy You Should Not Feed The Squirrel Babies

If you are thinking of bringing home some baby squirrels, you should know that you should not feed them. After all, feeding a wild animal is not a good idea! Not only are they not good pets, but they are also very independent once they are no longer babies. The first and foremost rule is not to try to feed the squirrels, as they will bite you if you attempt to do so.

Human food isn’t good for wild animals

Many people assume that feeding wildlife is good for them. While it is a natural instinct, feeding wild animals can have harmful consequences. In addition to contaminating their digestive systems with human food, humans can also introduce pesticides to their diet. Furthermore, if you throw bread crumbs near wildlife, they will become attracted to you and crowd you, which can result in more disease transmission and injury. Also, feeding wildlife will decrease the availability of natural food sources in the future.

In fact, humans should not feed wild animals human food because most of these foods are not healthy for them. Wild animals have different nutritional needs and have evolved over time. They need to eat their natural diet to stay healthy and thrive. If you give them human food, they may not be able to keep up with their natural diet, which is composed primarily of plants and insects. Not only will their diet become stale and unhealthy, but they will also become more susceptible to being preyed on and killed.

Leave the mother squirrel alone

Before handing over your new baby to the mother squirrel, it’s important to wash your hands first. Afterward, you can give the baby a bath with warm water and dish soap. Be sure to wipe their face and nostrils well. You should also use a Q-tip to stimulate the baby squirrel’s genitals. Be sure to stimulate the baby for several minutes. Be sure to wait until the baby squirrel is completely empty before handling it again.

Leaving the mother squirrel alone when feeding the baby is also very important. The mother will likely leave the nest to find food or to secure another nest. If you disturb the nest, the mother squirrel may leave her babies alone and not return. So, you should leave the area alone until the nest is empty. If you must work in the area, be sure to leave the babies alone until evening. Keep them warm by changing the source of heat several times during the day.

Avoid feeding it water

There are many things to keep in mind when feeding a baby squirrel. First, make sure the belly is round. Then, mix a bit of liquid formula with half of the amount of water. As a general rule, you should feed 5% of the body weight to each feeding. Small scales are useful for this purpose. Therefore, you would feed a 100-gram squirrel with five ml of formula. Make sure that you are using the correct feeding guidelines for the species you have.

Squirrels are generally happy to eat just about anything and everything. However, they are prone to metabolic bone disease (MBD), which weakens the bones of the squirrel. Many people who rehabilitate wild animals have noticed the occurrence of this disease. Squirrels love peanuts and sunflower seeds. But do not give them too much of these things at this stage. They are too young to understand the effects of this condition.

Avoid exposing it to sunlight

The first few weeks of a squirrel baby’s life are crucial for the survival of the young creature. The animal needs to establish a strong fear of humans and learn how to be independent. If possible, keep the young squirrels in a cage for at least two weeks. While they are learning how to be independent, you should try to give them some fruit and nuts in their shells. The longer they stay in their cage, the less food they will need.

While the young squirrels don’t need a lot of space, they need to be handled for bonding purposes. If the baby squirrel is too cold, it’s not advisable to feed it. If the baby squirrel is kept in a warm room, it can be heated using a heating pad or a bowl of warm water. However, it’s important not to place the baby squirrel in direct sunlight for long periods.

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