woman who trained squirrel to attack boyfriend

A Woman Who Trained a Squirrel to Attack Her Ex-boyfriend woman who trained squirrel to attack boyfriend

A woman in Detroit has been charged with training a squirrel to attack her ex-boyfriend. She allegedly taped photos of the man to training dummies and cheered the animals from behind a bush. Her boyfriend caught her yelling orders and cheering them on. The satirical news site World News Daily published the story. A maximum sentence of 65 years in prison is possible for Smith.

Janice Smith faces maximum of 65 years in prison

In a recent story, the Detroit police department arrested a woman who allegedly trained squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend. Smith, 45, had allegedly taped pictures of Mr Robinson to training dummies and cheered for the animals to attack her boyfriend. Over the course of a month, the former boyfriend, James Robinson, was attacked by the squirrels, losing two fingers and a testicle. James Robinson’s ex-girlfriend, Janice Smith, had been watching her in a nearby bush, cheering for the squirrels to do their evil bidding. He reported her to the police department, who arrested Smith and charged her with criminal harassment and using animals as weapons.

The woman in the mugshot is real. She was arrested in Maryland in 2014 after training squirrels to attack her boyfriend. She is also facing criminal charges and could face a maximum prison term of 65 years. Despite her bizarre behavior, she may be suffering from mental problems. Snopes is an online service that verifies Internet stories and authenticates them. It is recommended that you read up on this story before you share it with family and friends.

She faces charges related to criminal harassment and the use of animals as weapons

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She allegedly trained 27 squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend

In a bizarre move, a woman in Michigan has been arrested and charged with training 27 squirrels to attack her ex-boyfee. The woman, Janice Smith, allegedly trained the animals to attack James Robinson, who was attacked by the squirrels for a month. James Robinson ended up losing two fingers and a testicle, but he filed a police complaint against Smith.

The incident took place in 2017, and the Detroit Police Department investigated. They initially called the story fake news, but again referred to it as such on Wednesday. The story was first circulated on the social media site Ironwood, and later spread on the Facebook page Humor & Chitterlings. In all, the story received more than a thousand shares and 25 comments. Nevertheless, it has attracted some attention as it highlights the disturbing side of sex.

The police found dummies that were labelled as training dummies and cages full of squirrels, which they said were “farmed.” The dummies were covered with pictures of Mr. Robinson. Police also found the dummies, and said Janice Smith admitted to the scheme to them. Smith faces criminal harassment charges related to the use of animals as weapons. She will undergo a psychological evaluation and could face up to 65 years in prison.

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