How Close Is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Squirrel Hill To Observatory Hill

How Close is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Squirrel Hill? How Close Is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Squirrel Hill To Observatory Hill

If you’re wondering how close is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Squirrel Hill, here are some tips. While traveling by car from Pittsburgh, be sure to check out Robert E. Williams Memorial Park and West End Overlook, as well as Grandview Avenue. These sites are both worth visiting! Read on to discover more! Once you’ve gotten the hang of these spots, you’ll be ready to make your way to Observatory Hill!

South Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are lots of great restaurants and other amenities located nearby. You can find a restaurant that serves Jewish and Korean fare at the Forbes and Murray business districts. If you are looking for Asian cuisine, look no further than Everyday Noodles on Forbes near Shady Avenue. They even make their own noodles! You will be able to find some of the city’s best soup dumplings here! As you go south, you will begin to notice more residential areas. Schenley Park is a popular attraction that attracts people from all over the city.

Robert E. Williams Memorial Park

Located in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Robert E. Williams Memorial Park is a good place to stroll if you want to get a good view of the city. It’s close enough to walk on a nice day, but the trees and other foliage can block out the beautiful views in the summer. The park is on Milwaukee Street, close to Robert E. Williams Memorial Park.

West End Overlook

The second most popular overlook in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the West End Overlook. The view from the top offers an incredible panorama of the city, the Three Rivers, and surrounding neighborhoods. Sometimes, pop-up events are held here. For example, Artifacts in the West End hosts high-end home goods. This area also boasts an historic museum dedicated to Pittsburgh.

Grandview Avenue

If you are wondering how close is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Observatory Hill, then this map will help you answer that question. The distance between Observatory Hill and Pittsburgh is just over 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) and is the same time zone. Depending on the exact location, you can drive in approximately 8 minutes or take a bus. The road will take you along the city’s riverfront, passing through several neighborhoods and parks.

East End Brewing Company

If you love beer, you’ll want to check out East End Brewing Company. You can tour the brewery and sample house beers, or simply buy growlers or kegs to take home. The brewery offers a variety of house beers on tap, including a seasonal IPA. There are also a variety of house lagers and stouts for sale.


Squirrel Hill is a residential neighborhood located in Pittsburgh’s east end. It is divided into two sections: Squirrel Hill North and Squirrel Hill South. Both neighborhoods feature rolling hills and an easily walkable Murray Avenue business district. They also have some excellent schools and tranquil streets. You can find everything from mid-rise apartments to ornate mansions.

Mount Washington

A short walk on the Mount Washington trail from downtown Pittsburgh is a perfect way to take in the city’s skyline. The view from the top provides strategic vantage points for early settlers and their enemies. The discovery of coal at Mount Washington triggered the Pittsburgh industrial boom. Originally called Coal Hill, the neighborhood was later renamed to reflect the growth of the steel-making and mining industries. There are many places to walk and eat in this historic neighborhood.

North Shore

There is no better view of Pittsburgh’s city skyline than from the top of Mount Washington, but it isn’t the city’s highest point. Observation Hill is the city’s highest point. Across the river from Observatory Hill, Mount Davis is Pennsylvania’s highest point. Visitors can follow the Mount Davis Trail to reach the mountain’s peak. For a closer look at the city skyline, consider visiting both hills.

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