If you have not yet made a squirrel pet in Runescape, then you might be wondering how to get one. Luckily, there are a few simple steps that you can take in order to obtain a new squirrel in Runescape. First, you’ll need to get a Giant Squirrel in order to use them as pets in battle. You can also obtain the Inferno Cape so you can use it in battle, or you can get a Skotos or Lil’ Zik boss pet.

Giant squirrel

A giant squirrel is a skilling pet that you can obtain after completing the agility course in Brimhaven. After you complete the course, you can obtain a giant squirrel from the ticket dispensers. Getting a giant squirrel depends on your agility level and which agility course you choose. The giant squirrel will attempt to follow you by showing a red message in your chatbox when you first interact with it.

A Giant Squirrel is a beautiful animal and makes a great pet. The animal can be light or dark in color. It is an excellent choice for any pet, but you’ll have to train it to get it. The giant squirrel will give you a pet name. You can use this nickname to tell people that you’ve paid a squirrel tax. These pets also make for good pets, and they can be found in various parts of Gielinor.

Inferno Cape

The Sraracha is one of the best boss pets you can get in Runescape. They have small bodies and pointy legs, and drop from Srarachnis, the mother spider of Forthos Dungeon. The Sraracha is similar to TzTok-Jad, the most popular Runescape boss, which drops the fire cape. But this little furball is even more rare!

To get this pet, kill TzKal-Zuk, a boss in the Inferno. You can kill him a maximum of 10 times an hour. This will also give you a chance to obtain the rare Dragon Pickaxe, which costs a whopping 1,000,000,000 gold on the Grand Exchange. Moreover, you can also get the pet by killing Lil’ Zik, a smaller version of the head vampire Verzik Vitur from Theatre of Blood. It is considered one of the hardest creatures to kill in Old School Runescape.

After you acquire this pet, you can trade it with a TzHaar-Ket-Keh to exchange it with a Jal-Nib-Rek. If you lose the pet, you can reclaim it for 1 million coins. Once you have it, you can use it as a follower, but only if you can feed it regularly. You can only have one active follower at a time.


There are many ways to obtain a squirrel as a pet in Runescape. You can catch a baby squirrel in Gielinor by baiting a net trap with nuts. This pet comes in many colours, and it will eat nuts from your house or buy them from pet shops. Once you capture a baby squirrel, you can loot it to get a baby squirrelpet. You can also attempt to catch a baby squirrel by trapping it in your player-owned house, though it may take weeks to get a response.

First of all, you can capture a giant squirrel. This pet will appear after you complete the agility course in Brimhaven. You can also purchase a dark acorn from the Hallowed Sepulchre for 3,000 hallowed marks. This will unlock the metamorphosis option, which lets you change your giant squirrel into a dark squirrel. Once you have obtained the dark squirrel, it will try to follow you and send you a red message.

Lil’ Zik boss pet

As the boss pet of the Kree’arra dungeon, Lil’Zik can only be obtained by killing Verzik Vitur. This challenge is one of the toughest in OSRS, and getting this pet is no easy task. It is a very difficult task, but with the right strategies, you can obtain this rare pet in no time. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain this pet in OSRS.

What is the name of the first animal you can adopt as a pet in Runescape?

Answer: A kitten.


Where do you go to get your first pet?

Answer: The varrock castle.


How much money do you need to adopt a pet?

Answer: 100 coins.


What do you need to do to care for your pet?

Answer: Feed it clean it and take it for walks.


What will happen to your pet if you neglect it?

Answer: It will run away.


Can you have more than one pet?

Answer: Yes.


How do you get a squirrel pet?

Answer: By catching one in the wild.


Where can you find squirrels?

Answer: All over runescape.


What do you need to catch a squirrel?

Answer: A net.


How do you know if a squirrel is tame?

Answer: If it has a red collar.


How do you put a squirrel in a pet pen?

Answer: Right click and select “put in pet pen.


What do you need to build a pet pen?

Answer: 1 plank 1 hammer 1 pet leash 1 pet food bowl.


Where do you get the pet leash?

Answer: From the pet shop in east ardougne.


Where do you get the pet food bowl?

Answer: From the pet shop in east ardougne.


What is the maximum number of pets you can have in your pet pen?

Answer: Four.

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