Where to Put a Squirrel Feeder

Whether you’re trying to attract squirrels to your yard or just want a place to feed them, there are a number of different factors you should consider before installing a squirrel feeder. These factors include where to put the feeder, the type of food you should use, and any baffles. Also, consider what foods squirrels won’t eat. Hopefully, these tips will make your life easier and give you more time to enjoy your yard.

Placement of squirrel feeders

A squirrel feeder is a great way to attract wildlife to your yard. Not only will squirrels visit your feeder, but you’ll also attract a variety of other birds and other wildlife to your yard. The feeder is a great way to teach your children about nature and wildlife. The squirrel is a fascinating animal that does just about anything to reach a food source. Here are some tips to make the placement of your squirrel feeder safe for the animal.

First, place your feeder high enough off the ground so that squirrels have to jump a few feet before they can reach it. Try hanging the feeder four to five feet off the ground. If you’re unsure, use a metal wire, piano wire, or unbreakable monofilament line to suspend your feeder. Avoid using plastic cord or rope because squirrels can chew these materials. A high-quality feeder will also withstand a squirrel’s chewing and jumping.

Types of squirrel food

Squirrels love a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and they are particularly drawn to dried corncobs. You should keep the squirrel feeder out of reach of other birds, though. However, if you don’t want to deter them by offering them a wide variety of nuts, you can also feed them cereals. The nuts and grains found in cereals are very tasty to these animals.

Squirrels are omnivorous, so you should try to give them a varied diet as well. The types of foods that you choose should contain a balance of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. A squirrel feeder should contain vegetables that are high in calcium, such as arugula or broccoli. Other varieties of vegetables that they may enjoy include cauliflower, zucchini, kale, and radicchio.

Baffles on squirrel feeders

To keep the squirrels out of your birdfeeders, you can install baffles on the poles or hanging feeders. These are made of material that is shaped like an upside-down funnel and will prevent the squirrels from entering the feeder and ruining it. They are typically clear and can be mounted on a pole or hanging feeder. Adding baffles to your birdfeeders will also discourage them from climbing up the poles.

Depending on the design of your feeder, you can hang the baffle on the feeder from a branch seven to eight inches above the ground. It is important to remember that squirrels can easily climb fences, sheds, and garden walls. You can also attach it to stumps and railings. To attach a baffle to a pole, you can clamp its end cap in a vise and then drill the hole in the top.

Food that squirrels won’t eat

Squirrels love peanuts, sunflower hearts, fruit, cereals, and nuts, but they’ll pass on some foods. Some foods squirrels are able to ignore are chili and raw onion. While humans enjoy these ingredients, they don’t. Then there’s Niger Seed, also known as Thistle Seed or Nyger. Thistle Seed attracts small birds, which don’t want to eat your bird feeders. So, while it may be tempting to eat these foods, don’t be fooled.

Squirrels are not interested in spicy foods, so pepper spray, raw onions, and garlic aren’t appealing. But if you really want to keep squirrels away, try applying a garlic or onion spray. It works surprisingly well! The same goes for agarole and raw onions, which squirrels hate. Using a spray that contains these ingredients will keep them away from your vegetables.

Cost of squirrel feeders

One of the most overlooked aspects of the purchase of a squirrel feeder is the cost. Often times, people overlook this cost until they realize just how much they actually benefit. The fact is, these feeders are great for many reasons. For one thing, they keep squirrels healthy and away from bird feeders, which are expensive to replace. Secondly, squirrel feeders come in a wide variety of designs and materials. One solid, Amish-made wooden squirrel feeder is a good choice. Cedar is a sturdy and attractive material.

Another benefit to a squirrel feeder is the ability to observe the squirrels without the need to remove the bird seed. This feeder has a special reservoir in which the seeds slide down in a controlled fashion. This means that the squirrels do not gobble up the bird seed and are less likely to steal it from bird feeders. In addition, you can feel good about giving nature a hand with this feeding station, as squirrels do not consume all of the seed that is placed in it. The unrecovered seeds grow into plants, and this helps the environment.

Keeping squirrels away from bird feeders

One of the best ways to keep squirrels from stealing your birdseed is to install a squirrel feeder on your property. A squirrel feeder is an easy way to feed squirrels without the need to spend money on a birdfeeder. You can also try mixing some cayenne pepper into the bird seed. Squirrels don’t like hot foods, so by including some in your feeder, you can discourage them from visiting it.

Another way to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder is to use hot sauce or pepper-based repellents. Birds do not have the capacity to smell capsaicin, so squirrels will avoid the feeders if they happen to encounter the hot sauce or pepper. You can also apply petroleum jelly to the poles to deter squirrels from climbing them. If all else fails, you can also try feeding the birds crack corn.


What is the best place to put a squirrel feeder?


Away from areas where squirrels are likely to nest or rest such as trees bushes or ledges.


What is the best time of day to put out a squirrel feeder?


In the morning so the squirrels have time to find the food before nightfall.


How often should I fill my squirrel feeder?


Every few days or as needed.

Squirrels can be messy eaters so you may need to clean the feeder more often than you refill it.


What kind of food should I put in my squirrel feeder?


Squirrels are omnivorous so they’ll eat most kinds of nuts and seeds.

Avoid foods that are high in fat salt or sugar.


How can I keep other animals from eating from my squirrel feeder?


You can buy a squirrel-proof feeder or make your own by hanging the feeder from a wire or rod that is too small for other animals to grip.


Should I put water in my squirrel feeder?


Yes squirrels need to drink water as well as eat food.

You can buy a squirrel-proof water bottle or make your own by drilling a hole in the top of a water bottle and screwing it onto a wire or rod.


What if I live in an apartment and can’t put a feeder outside?


You can put a squirrel feeder on your balcony or porch as long as it’s not too close to the edge.


What if I don’t have a yard?


You can put a squirrel feeder in a park or other public space.

Just be sure to check with the authorities first to make sure it’s allowed.


What if I don’t want to attract squirrels to my property?


You can buy a squirrel-proof feeder or make your own by hanging the feeder from a wire or rod that is too small for squirrels to grip.


What if I live in an area with a lot of predators?


You can buy a squirrel-proof feeder or make your own by hanging the feeder from a wire or rod that is too small for predators to grip.

You can also put the feeder in a predator-proof enclosure such as a wire cage.


My squirrels seem to be fighting over the food in the feeder.


What can I do?


You can try putting out multiple squirrel feeders in different locations so the squirrels don’t have to compete for food.


I put out a squirrel feeder but I’m not seeing any squirrels.


What am I doing wrong?


Make sure the feeder is in a place where squirrels are likely to see it such as near a window or in a tree.

Also be sure to fill the feeder with food that squirrels like to eat.


I put out a squirrel feeder and now I have too many squirrels! What can I do?


You can try putting out multiple squirrel feeders in different locations so the squirrels are spread out.

You can also remove the feeder for a while to see if the squirrels will move on.


What if I put out a squirrel feeder and then move?


You can take the squirrel feeder with you or give it to a friend or neighbor.


What are some other ways to help squirrels?


You can plant trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter for squirrels.

You can also build or buy a nest box for squirrels to live in.

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